‘ssupdates from my rather insignificant life

1) Things are still slowly coming undone. So much so that I’m beginning to wonder just how much lower this can go.

2) I still feel sudden and overwhelming momentary needs to give in to guilty pleasures every now and then. Things that have sacrificed themselves for the sake of my mental health and sanity this week (for no fault of their own) are two well-meaning mocha cupcakes with sugary chocolate icing, half a bar of 70% Lindt chocolate, and spoonfuls of homemade ganache on a spoon (fashioning an old school lollipop, this is).

3) The kitchen is still my solace, and in a complete turnaround from the mess that was last week, I have cooked and eaten every meal at home this week.

4) I’m having one too many epiphanies again. The kind that I did right before I took the decision. They mostly have to do with cheesy but well-designed catch phrases that you always knew, but didn’t ever mean anything until Pinterest suddenly makes it seem like some new-found, life-changing knowledge.

5) The mess of the last few weeks has (as it always does) crept into my life and being. I sport a pair of unbelievably bushy eyebrows, fairly lush beginnings of a flourishing moustache, and my limbs? Don’t even get me started on how neglected and horribly hairy they are. I miss my shorts, and I miss my skirts and it’s getting too hot not to wear anything sleeveless anymore. So today, coinciding very well with the immense need for a head massage, I’m making that much needed trip to the salon. And I will hopefully emerge, feeling, if not looking like, the not-so-ugly-duckling.

6) This weekend, the husband and I are off on a getaway. After two and a half years of thinking about it, we’re finally going here. Planned and booked close to four weeks ago, because that’s how in demand and always booked out this place is, I initially wanted us to getaway on the weekend of our anniversary. But that was not to be. This weekend, however, is as good a time as any, because god knows we both need a break right now. I’m literally pulling my hair out, painfully, one at a time. And as the weekend draws near, I feel like I’m coming back to life slowly. Can I just say, I hope it’s raining, and I hope the pool is as inviting as I’ve heard it is. And if it is, I might never come back.

7) I realise I haven’t done the customary food-blog link up around here. So for those of you who don’t follow the food blog, and haven’t already seen what I’ve been up to, you might want to go check out the wicked zucchini cupcakes I made, right before I got off the dessert train and got on to the homeward-bound desi train and returned to my roots with a bhindi sabji, to go with a Bengali 5 spice inspired palak dal. Right before I really came back home to where I belong. The land of coconut gravies. With a classic Mangalorean ghassi.

8) I’m sorry for the link overload. And that’s all I really have to say on this profusely dull and uninspiring Thursday morning.


5 thoughts on “‘ssupdates from my rather insignificant life

    1. Oh yes I do too. If it werent for the cooking, id be a goner by now.
      On that note, do you want to know what I plan to bake today?
      Its going to feature bananas, cinnamon, nutmeg and a whole lot of rum. Nuff said.


    1. I realise I have obsessed about said “difficulties” so much on this blog that they seem like enormous and grave issues. Its just nothing but the usual stressful work situation. ANd it will be over soon, not to worry :) Thanks!


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