Let’s talk about cake

Some days I work almost like clockwork.

Some days I need a kick starter.

Some days I need a dose of inspiration.

Some days I just feel like celebrating.

Some days I want to end on a happy note.

Some days I don’t need reason at all.


And yesterday was all of the above.


13 thoughts on “Let’s talk about cake

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        1. No raisins, but I did throw in some chocolate chips just put something indulgent into it. Apart form the rum and the choc chips it was almost not qualified to be a cake..

          1. okay… I’m gonna go get me some raisins today, and soak them in some rum till you put up the recipe. Once you put it up, I’ll add rum-soaked raisins to MY CAKE! and I WILL EAT IT ALL UP (God help me!)

            1. Fortunately (or unfortunately), I made this cake late one evening last week, post work. No patience to take pictures and all. I mised it up and baked it because I needed cake :P so no i wont be blogging it. I dont have pictures to share. But I can send you the recipe, until I find the time to repeat the cake and blog it this time..

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