Onwards and upwards it is

A week. Is what I gave myself. To unwind, chill-out, holiday and normalize. And a week is what I got. With the sister in town and 9 whole days of sibling madness. From drunken karaoke to homely baking, cooking lunches and dinners, grilling chicken and making quiche, to roaming around Panjim, shopping in the vegetable mandi and visiting the same cafe four times, I can safely say its been a good break from which to transition.

From what, you ask? From the old to the new.

I wanted to give myself some time of leisure before I jump into everything I have chalked out for myself. And the last week was just perfect. I didn’t push myself to do anything beyond what I wanted to do. I shamelessly procrastinated on essential jobs and I spent questionable amounts of time doing such things as lying around, trawling the internet mindlessly and watching Dharma and Greg online.

It’s funny how some time off can do so much good. I found myself at peace and much more relaxed than I have been in a long, long time. I didn’t feel the need to rush into the kitchen and bake a cake impulsively, to undo a bad mood. I didn’t feel guilty about neglecting my blogs. I didn’t feel the compulsive need to distract myself.

I spent my time as I pleased and I think its just what I needed. But today, I turn the page.

Begin a new chapter. In a strange new world, that I know close to nothing about.

And I am excited as hell. So help me God.

But really, if workplaces looked like this, what could go wrong?

20 thoughts on “Onwards and upwards it is

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  3. The title says it all…and such a cute place to work at! Cafe…wow! Good luck! I so desperately wanted to work at Starbucks in my campus…just the smell of roasted coffee beans gives me a high ;) Hope you find yours :)


    1. PK! you would have loved it ya! The folks in the kitchen are so not AG! and I keep feeling this itch to jump in and AGfy everything.. It was a MAD lunch service and I was beyond pooped when it was over. If I keep this up, I might not need to workout :S


  4. R

    That is such a pretty place! You are going to love being there (and I can totally see you owning and running a place like this, in the not-so-far future). Love that ‘blue and white walls in the background with the linen pants’ pic and the light in it. Such a comfy, comforting pic. (If the last line didn’t make sense, blame it on it being a Monday). All the best. Yayy :)


  5. ohmygodohmygod Revati!? Are you going to be working in a professional kitchen? Can I just say I am beyond thrilled for you and something tells me that you are made for this! All the very best to you and hope you’ll bring us stories :) Big hug.


    1. Oooh much as id have loved the professional kitchen bit i think theres time yet for that. For now im settling for cafe experience. I volunteered to help a friend in her cafe. Just doing whatever she needs help with. Ultimately will move into the kitchen i hope :) all in its time.


    1. Haan thins sort of fell into place sooner than i expected. Hehe not an ashram its a small cafe and im going to be trying my hand at working there. No idea what exactly. But i want to hang around for a bit and see how it works.


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