The Apprentice Diaries #2

It’s safe to say Day 1 was mayhem. It felt like all of Goa was fighting their Monday morning blues, collectively. We were all over the place in the tiny kitchen. Ringing in covers, plating up, making pleasant conversation, upselling things and also making checks. Covers were flying in at the speed of light. When it felt like things could not get any harder, I saw the husbands big fat grinning face walk in. And behind him, 9 other folks form the office. He had dragged them all out to come embarrass on day 1!

I have to confess it worked. Bang on.

Incidentally, as folks at the cafe later told me, it was the busiest day they’ve had since they opened less than a month ago. So it was like diving in the deep end and just about staying afloat.

So after that hyper-energetic start, day 2 and 3 have been easier. The regulars tend to come in together in droves apparently. And they tend to take a break between repeat visits. And a slow day in cafe world means I get to breathe easy, watch and soak in more and maybe even try my hard at a couple of daunting looking tricks.

Because there was less running around, I had the luxury of helping out with things I was too scared to try on a jam-packed day with covers flying in. I gave the coffee machine a shot and learned how to make a cappuccino, Lavazza-style. I figured out the cash register. And in between all that I squeezed in a chat with a really hot journalist (yes, chit-chatting and networking are perks here).

I even got a lesson in Grabbing-A-Bite-When-You-Can.

And because it tears my heart up to see food go into the bin at the end of day, I doggy-bagged a roasted pepper, corn and bean salad for myself and a slice of salted almond chocolate cake for the husband. As a way to say thank you for embarrassing me.

I suspect he’s enjoying my perks, even more than I am.

10 thoughts on “The Apprentice Diaries #2

  1. I’m LOVING these posts!! My heart just swells with immense happiness for you because I can almost feel the buzz, the excitement, the feeling of being EXACTLY where you need to be right now. I love it, I love it.

    I’m hugely excited for this part of your life and cannot wait to read more – I smell a book in the works :P


    1. Gee thank YOU for the confidence! I sure hope this will take me somewhere even nicer. A book, a cafe of my own, or even just into the big kitchen :) id love any of those but right now just enjoying this for this.


  2. By “covers flying in” you mean tables being filled? or orders coming in? Do you work the kitchen or out front?
    I always wanted to work as a waitress someplace, just for a while. When I was in school, I asked mom and dad to let me get temp jobs during the hols, but you know the way parents used to think at the time!


    1. Each order is a “cover” and when theres more tables getting filled, they come in a lot faster :S
      Im doing both babe.. The main kitchen is not in the food/snacks/desserts come in pre/half made, and we assemble stuff here. Soups, salads, platters, and sandwiches and stuff. So before opening I help out with all the prep and stuff, and around lunch time U help getting things out for the orders and waiting tables too. It explains why I was POOPEDDD on day 1!

      What do you mean at “the” time.. I have a strong feeling my in laws at *this* time are pretty miffed that Im doing this. I think they think Im just being a waitress somewhere, and for some reaosn that is always looked at as a job beneath us..I dont know why.


      1. True. I’m pretty sure my parents would think I’m nuts if I said I wanted to work in a restaurant too.

        So how’s it going? Are your customers cool, or will you be starting a waiterrant type site too? :)


        1. Yeah the cafe is in an arts centre, so it attracts a lot of arty-farty foo-foo crowd (a little more than id like to rub shoulders with :S) so i get to see/talk to lots of artists, writers, journalists, yadayada..

          And since I have the chance to im doing much more than just waiting tables, Im pretty much pitching in with managing the place.. so its been fun :)


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