The hAAthi and me

If all things hAAthi epitomize my life, if the word has become synonymous with all things me, then right now, I am peace, happy and just glad to be where I am.

13 thoughts on “The hAAthi and me

  1. Just thought of telling you this – I have been reading a couple of books by Marlena de Blasi: A thousand days in Venice and A thousand days in Tuscany. Loved both of them. Have a feeling you’ll love them too, being the foodie and travel lover that you are, like me. Do give them a shot sometime!


    1. hAAthi

      Oh wow, just from the names I can tell they sound interesting. I have a HUGE reading list backlog that I am slowly ploughing through. One of the goals for the sabbatical is to start reading more. And more consciously. So hopefully I will get there someday. Thanks for the reccos.

      And thank you for dropping by again and for patiently leaving your thoughts in so many places :)


  2. shemuses

    I love love love the drawing. If you get tired of the restaurant biz (which sounds highly unlikely at this point ;), you have an alternate route in front of you..

    Love how upbeat you’ve been sounding in your recent posts. Good for you!


  3. swatimital

    Very nice drawing. Couldn’t work out the girl when I saw it on my phone earlier in the day. Nice one! Only a week or so ago you were worried about your career and look where you are now. Well done.


    1. Well I can’t say I have the career bit figured out. But the point of the sabbatical was to first put myself in a happy place and a positive state of mind. I think that bit is well on track. The career can wait – I’m in no rush :)


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