As the sun went down

Shthump.Shthump. Shthump. Shthump.
With close and definite steps I picked up pace. The wind felt crisp in my face, and I felt my lungs expand, like they haven’t in months now. My calves were taut, hamstrings ached a nice ache, and the soles of my feet sprung back at me, with every step I took.

My heart quickened and my brow was damp. iPod clenched tight in my fist, I continued on, winding my way down to the beach. Tuning out from the cacophony around me, I tuned into the the beat of the track nestled deep within my ears. Traffic moved along silently, people chatted. But I only saw wheels zip by, mouths moving. No noise. Just the music inside me.

The day was almost over. I could see signs all around. Lovers huddled together. Some walked, hand in hand. Some hunched beneath the fading light. The lone fisherman braved the rising tide for the last catch of the day. A group of buffaloes made their way back, after a glorious evening dip in the sea. Not so far off, small-time TV stars were calling it a day, as giant reflectors, vanity vans and the like packed up.

I was mostly oblivious to the sound of it all, only catching sights passing me by, when a forgotten prop distracted me.

Shthump. Shthump. Shthump. Shthump. I went on, tracing my path in no particular direction. Criss-crossing older tracks — paths of many who came before me.

It is that odd time right before sunset, just before dark. The light was an oddly warm hue. Off white, with a tinge of pink. Slowly bleeding into a deeper setting-sun-kind-of-pink. Gradually painting the sky evenly, right before my eyes. And before I knew it, I was covered in a magenta glow.

By now, my heart was racing, feet dragging a little. But the beat goes on, and there in that crazy glow, I felt I had to keep going.

And so it begins once more. I’ve started running again.

26 thoughts on “As the sun went down

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  4. swatimital

    Good on you. I love running too. I am used to of running in Edinburgh with many hills to choose from smack bang in the city centre. Geneva is relatively flat in comparison but I like running next to the lake and watching Mt. Blanc in the distance.


    1. Oh that would work for me too. Its been ages since i signed up at a gym. Unfortunately none of the gyms in panjim cut it for me. But why are you RUNNING missy? Should you be taking jt easy and brisk walking instead?!


      1. Hahah no!! Besides it was a slow run – I took it easy and only did 2 km so it wasn’t much as I went swimming after as well. I’ll stop when it gets too much for me :)


  5. AIyo. I am just getting more stomach-ey, due to my discovery of discounted Ben and Jerry’s icecream. It’s the shit da.

    Also, I wish my soles sprung back. Flat feet, bah.


  6. Thanks for taking me to Goa for a few minutes :) Lovely pictures and the description was as if you wrote it while you were there. Really felt like I was in there in that space at that point in time :)


  7. Super. Welcome back. I started again after a six month hiatus as well, though I don’t have the kind of scenery you do :-) How did you manage to click while running and more importantly how did you resist the chair?


    1. well it was day 1 and i wasnt feeling super enthu or motivated to begin with. plus it was unusually pretty so i took a few stops here and there to take a picture or two :)


        1. im glad i finally started but i cant say i felt good yesterday :S it was like reality sinking in abt just how badly out of shape i am (literally and figuratively!) but yes at least i made a beginning..


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