She won’t stop

We have a situation.

Remember this? Turns out it hasn’t stopped. Turns out she cannot take a hint. Or maybe she hasn’t been back here to see the polite request to stop. But that doesn’t explain why similarities persist. And now I’m torn between going all out and exposing it. Or shutting my trap and never visiting her blog again. And I’m leaning towards the latter because 1) its a *yawwwwwn* kind of blog and I don’t check in there very often to begin with; and2) I don’t want to give her free PR. I don’t link up people who don’t respect blogger ethics.

In the off-chance that you’re reading, Ms Plagiarizer, I get it. You don’t care about the ethics of bloggerville. You’d rather lift and power on. So what if you were inspired here and there. But it’s just that I’m finding the similarities a bit baffling. And what’s worse is I know you come here and read me. Often. Because you can’t be having so many of the same thoughts, embarking on the same culinary experiments and feeling the same way about what you cooked, all at the very same time as I did.

Imitation is the best form of flattery, right? I get it. I’m flattered. But is it really so hard to state your inspiration?! Seriously!


12 thoughts on “She won’t stop

  1. jaishvats

    Hmm…..Some people just wont stop eh? I dont think anyone can copy your style and language unless they do an open copy and paste! Hope she learns a lesson after reading this.


    1. Im curious too! Im pretty sure its harmless and was never done with any intention to piss anybody off. Also very cleverly done. Because its not stuff outright lifted or copied but very obviously inspired. How else would you explain a post on how intimidatig bread is, a shot at foccacia and then banana bread. All in one post?!


    1. Nah. Its not worth getting into a blog controversy over. Iv come six years without it and i think clean is how i like it to be. Im pretty sure she wont stop so i should stop getting aggravated if i notice it again. And definitely not rant about it because that is more attention than she deserves!


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