What’s cookin’ in my crib

The past week, I’ve had the flu. The danged flu, which tricked me into thinking it was just the sniffles. So I steeled myself to mentally fight it, popped an anti-histamine for good measure and channeled my inner virus-fighting-diva to do her thing. Turns out everybody wanted to let  me down.

The tablet didn’t do squat. The powers of self-motivation fell flat. And the my inner virus-fighting-diva seems to be on a sabbatical too. Because the sniffles very quickly catapulted into a full blown flu. With heavily clogged ENT passages, the mother of a body ache, almost no voice and zero appetite, I lay in bed for two days. At first. Then another. And another. And another. And just like that I’ve been home all week. Home, and away from the cafe, you guys!

Every morning I’d wake up and think, “I feel good enough to go back,” but within 20 minutes or so my body would beg to differ and send me back to bed. It’s probably just as well. Because going to the cafe would mean subjecting all of our loyal guests to germs. Lethal, lethal germs. Secretly, I think the tight-assed socialite crowd that frequents the cafe could do with some germs. Just something to pop that little sanitized bubble they seem to float around in, oblivious to the world beneath. But that story makes for a whole post in itself, so we’ll get back to it later.

So what did I do to entertain myself?

I embarked on a rather dangerous journey. I started watching Grey’s Anatomy — a show I have never felt inclined to watch. I mean, I used to be a House addict, I didn’t need a show that diluted the medical drama and high-suspense with sex, emotions and unnecessary human-drama. Ugh. But what can I say, I was weak, vulnerable and let’s just say in a weak moment I turned it on.

And I didn’t stop. But in between all that, I’ve been cooking myself healthy, home meals to nurse my body out of the flu. And as of two days ago I even resumed my running which had come to an abrupt halt almost as soon as it had begun last week.

Thoughts on Grey’s Anatomy coming up in another post. Maybe. This post is about the food. About what’s cookin’ in my very sickly crib. About all that I’ve been up to, trying to keep myself from not feeling too guilty about missing a whole week of cafe duty.
And also because I realise its been forever since I linked up the updates from the food blog.

First up: The husband bravely took over lunch a few weekends ago, and whipped up this delish Thai-style noodles. If you like thai flavours, sea food and rice noodles, this is your go-to recipe for a quick fix.

Then, one day I was feeling rebellious, and in the mood to break the rules. I also realised it had been a while since my oven had come on, so I made this eggless, butterless chocolate cake. Impossible, did I hear you say? Try me.

When I got struck by the flu, the first thing to come under siege was my tastebuds and appetite. I lose it. In no time at all. So just to perk myself up and to have something to go with the endless cups of chai I was drinking, I made these spicy cheddar cheese crackers. Oh, it gave me a chance to use my cookie moulds. So win!

I’ve also been on a home-food spree. ODing on flavours of North Karnataka — with unrestrained use of coconut, curd and tempered spices. I’ve also been cooking a lot of healthy, simple, vegetarian meals. So there was this wild looking red and green amaranth curry, and cluster beans, just like its done back home.

So yep, that’s what I’ve been up to. Seriously questionable amounts of trash TV, oodles of cooking, lots of ginger chai and a general sense of all-is-well-with-the-world kind of peace and happiness. Despite having a bitch of a flu, would you believe?

And since the best part about Grey’s is quite easily the music, I’m leaving you with a few tracks that made a blast form the past in my head. Straight off the show


10 thoughts on “What’s cookin’ in my crib

  1. Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t change at all, everyone sleeps with everyone else and then goes back and sleeps with the person they slept with first. I hope you are feeling better!!


    1. Hahaha youre bang on.. Im at that point where a whole lot of serial sleeping around is happening. But now it has become a good sedative for me. I turn it on at the end of a long day, and in about 25 minutes it knocks me out :P

      Yes, im much better thanks for asking. Back on cafe duty as of yesterday too!


  2. shweta

    Hey, I started watching Grey’s Anatomy too for the first time..That was the only thing coming on TV once the kids were asleep and I had some time to myself…Its so trashy I love it…Its just perfect after a day of running after children…:)So the season coming on Star World is the first??So I have’nt missed much…Good ;)


    1. No idea whats running on star world at the mo. we live without cable tv. So i copied it from a friend who has the whole show downloaded. Im half way thru and already a bit bored. Dont think going to last all 9 seasons. Theres only so much inbreedig i can watch hahahaha


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