Morning love

One of the biggest advantages of taking time off from work, is that you are no longer bound by a schedule dictated up on you. To me, for the first few days, that meant not having to hit snooze on my alarm five times before grudgingly waking up in a bad mood — all for the sake of a morning meeting I was not like to make it to, on time, anyway. Because I would wake up by force of habit, have that horrible sinking feeling like I know I’m going to be late, only to quickly realise it doesn’t matter any more.

Not having to report to work at a stipulated time, therefore, meant I would go right back to bed. Sometimes snooze on, sometimes just laze under the covers, and sometimes I’d wake up and make the husband some chai, earlier than usual. These days however, despite having the whole day to do as I please, I find myself waking up earlier than normal, and quite happily so. And because I do, it gives me an extra window of time to get some work done before I head off to the cafe, tend to the house before my maid does her thing, or an extra half hour just chilling in my balcony with an extra large mug of chai and a book. But sometimes it also means I get to make something fun for breakfast, shoot it in the gorgeous morning light, and blog about it.

One of my biggest cribs about not being able to blog enough when I was working was that I was restricted to a very small window of time on weekends. I like to shoot in natural light, and in the world of photography, the best times are early in the morning, or the hours between 4 till sunset. My kitchen window is west-facing, so that shaves off a few hours from the evening, leaving me with a miniscule 8-11 am slot and a 4-5 om slot. Now, with waking up early quickly becoming a natural habit, I have started waking up with visions of what I want to try in the kitchen, and when I get up and start, I feel a sense of peace like no other.

My kitchen has always been my sanctuary, but more so these days. I find myself willing to get in there and do something slightly outside the ordinary realm of what I usually cook for myself, and with no pressure to be anywhere or do anything, I love to lazily shoot what I’m cooking. I no longer amble over pictures for days on end. Pictures get processed and blog posts get written in less than half the time they used to take. So finally, I’m blogging a lot more. I’m experimenting with a lot more of the kind of homely, hearty stuff I like, and blogging a lot of it too. As a result, I’m a lot happier too.

So last week, when we woke up to a curtain of mist and the slightest most delicate drizzle, I instantly wanted something warm, and fulfilling. And it inspired three of last week’s most fun breakfasts, opportunities to blog, and share it with you.

There was this banana-bread-pudding one day

An apple-crumble-of-sorts, the next.

And when the weekend rolls by, the husband usually takes over with an eggy experiment. So this week, we made this quirky, but totally yummy adaptation of a fried egg and toast.

You know you are a real foodie at heart when you wake up dreaming up things to cook, and you cannot wait a moment to get into your kitchen and dig your hands in. Many such mornings have jolted me out of my slumber, this past month. Quite unlike the starting trouble I battled all through last year.

Today, the frown I used to imagine pasted on my face every morning has faded away, and has quickly been replaced with the joy of fruit, eggs, wheat, sugar, cinnamon and the like. And of course, the gorgeous golden light that makes everything worthy of being photographed.

It seems I have a new-found love for mornings.


5 thoughts on “Morning love

  1. Hey Tanaya!

    Hope you are doing well. It’s been a really long time…

    We are planning to come to Goa for Diwali. We might be there for about 4 days, though our plans are not yet finalised. Wanted to ask you if you could suggest to me some good hotels which are near the beach or on the beach, and are not way too expensive? We’re looking for something quiet and relaxed. Do let me know at the earliest possible.

    Also, could we meet up in case we do come?



    1. LOL i was going to ask whos tanaya, when I realised the goa queries were pointed at me..
      Well I wish I could help, but living here, I dont holiday here. In fact i stay far far away form most touristy places. I have a few standard reccos for places to stay, which I send out to people who ask..but none that I have tried myself or can vouch for. Getting info from me will be no different from asking google, Im afraid :D let me fish out what I have in my mail and send it to you..
      And of course we can meet. Let me know when youre here, and if youre staying not too far off we can catch up.


  2. Sounds like the perfect morning :-) Anything that comes naturally is a pleasure.
    It was good to read this coz I am having a bit of starting trouble. I was never a morning person but over the last 4 years I had gotten into a routine of being up between 4.30 to 5.30 am (the result of having a child below 5 and running a business).
    For the past month, I’m suddenly struggling with what I thought of as routine. My eye automatically pop open at the designated hour, however my mind just wants to stay off *sigh*.
    Anyway, this is not about me but about how good it was to read this positive sunshiny post :-)
    Thank you


    1. OH thats normal I think, N. When you do something long enough, it becomes a bit of a chore. Im sure its not as easy with a child to tend to, but try and mix things up and shift your routine around for a bit, just for a change. It might put things back in order. Also, I dont think its morning being that specific productive time of day. Maybe you need to find a different slot? Afternoon, when your daughter is napping or at school? Or late at night once shes asleep? In my last stint freelancing, I used to find working late into the night extremely easy and convenient. Id have the days chores and thigns out of the way, and everything would be quiet and I could work uninterrupted.


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