Away and at home

Sometimes I wonder about the future. About where life will take us after Goa. Whether we are meant to spread our roots and stay here? Or will we pick up and move again?

Away from the wide open. The rolling paddy fields. From the sun kissed sands and the chocolate tanned skin.

Away from being just a short drive away from a holiday. From just taking off on a whim.

Last night the husband and I decided to go away for the weekend. And it was just that easy. We went to bed without a plan or a destination. But we knew that when the sun was up we’d be on the road again.


Iv had a couple of dull and uninspired days. Unable to focus on my work, feeling a bit mixed up with my writing, not motivated to blog (and do justice to at least one of my many incomplete drafts). And maybe a change of scene is good once every now and then. I do spend a whole lot of my time indoors and at home.

We didn’t manage to head out bright and early as planned. So the sun was out, beating down strongly on my nose and cheeks as we drove. Two hours south of Panjim.

And here I am. Toes dug into the sand. Three fresh lime sodas down. Laptop forgotten. Book open and pages turning.


And that’s when it hit me. That that’s all it really takes to refresh myself around here. And it is just that easy to leave and have a getaway. And if all else fails and we find ourselves without a room to spend the night, the best part is that we can always just turn around and come back home.


Sometimes I wonder about the future. About where we might next find ourselves. I wonder if it will be a place where I have this flexibility. To go away and still feel so at home. And I wonder if I will ever be able to live away from this. This familiarity with the sea. This closeness. This comfort. This peace.

8 thoughts on “Away and at home

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  2. Lovely lovely pics. Goa is just so amazing! Don’t worry about the future. When you are ready to move, you will anyway not be able to fight the instinct. So may as well enjoy now while you are still in thrall of what Goa has to offer


  3. I’m repeating myself here, but you do make me want to move to Goa! We need lessons in living in the moment, you and I. I’ve recently started thinking of what next – what will I do after this holiday? The husband keeps urging me not to think about it, to enjoy the holiday, and we will deal with that when the time comes. But I can’t help wondering too…


    1. Yeah, living in the moment is something Goa has taught me to do more than I used to. But the husband manages it better than me. He is the true chiller between the two of us..

      I have an idea: after this massive holiday you should do a mini one in Goa. That should really put you in the mood for whatever it is to come next :D


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