Away from the world

One of the biggest drawbacks of quitting work has been making do with sub-standard internet speeds. And simple as the issue sounds, I have to quickly tell you it doesn’t just end there. The long tail of consequences of such a basic necessity sometimes catches me unawares. Because it means I have to now depend on some hardcore pirates at the office to download my fair share of trash TV. It means I can no longer trawl youtube and jump track after track painlessly. I can’t just download a track here and an album there anymore, without having to wait half a day for a song, and killing my bandwidth in the bargain.

It means I have fallen off the music grid. Not discovering new bands, new albums. Not sharing stuff with fellow pirates. Not eExchanging links and all the other music-related bad habits we’d get up to at work. So when Ranjan we-transfered the latest Dave Mathews Band album — Away From the World — to me yesterday, I could hardly contain myself. Of course what really sealed the deal, making me decide I would like the album (a bit prematurely) was the little sneak peak he sent me in the form of this song.

A good old youtube link. Shared on chat. Just like it used to be. Ah, the good old days. Where piracy meets the desperate need to do anything — chat mindlessly online, create shared repositories of music on the network, dissect every little bit of every song, discuss artists, their demeanour attire accents and what not, just anything — to keep from proceeding with the work chalked out for the day.

Momentarily, I was taken back to work, where fishing my earphones out of my bag, plugging them in and hitting play on itunes was part of the daily rituals and ablutions of beginning every new day. Music really was a faithful friend, transporting me away to an easier place, to a memory that would make whats on hand. And when an old favourite makes a new comeback, it is only that much more awesome.

So if you’re a faithful fan of the good old Dave Mathews Band, with their lazy, sleepy, loungy weekend feel kind of music, this is a good album to get. And if you’re like me that typical DMB charm hits you square in the face, bringing back memories of sunset drives back from the beach, hair matter with salt, limbs hurting from fighting all those waves, shades propped up on my head, eyes squinting into the horizon.

This is a beach album, for sure. It even made me wish I had it before I took off on the weekend getaway. Because it has a good mix of the customary I-want-you-but-cant-have-you  track:

The get-out-of-your-chair-and-on-your-feet-NOW jumpy, high-energy track:

The usual this-should-be-a-conversation-but-I’m-going-to-sing-it-instead track:

Its got a breezy vibe, this album. A lovely mix of that soulful lazy act that is DMB, mixed with just the right kind of mellow energy that makes it perfect to listen to at dusk. Preferably on the back of an endorphin rush, when you need to cool off. Tall glass of iced-tea in hand, leaning back in an easy-chair, feet propped high. And let Dave just take over.

If music is your escape, like it is mine, this one really does take you away from the world.


3 thoughts on “Away from the world

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  2. Thanks for the we transfer link…hassle free sharing, here I come!
    I empathise with your internet-speed problem dear.If it’s any comfort,it’s the same everywhere…in India at least!


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