Cooking to save my life

Despite a rather shitty week work-wise and all else, the cooking continued. After the berserk Diwali cookie-making back to back with the muffin making, a bake-break was in order, because I have slowly reached that point where consumption cannot keep up with production. But one has to still eat, no? I decided to focus on my meals, not wasting the only bit of enthusiasm I seemed to have all week.

The husband and I are consciously trying to curb our eating out, going lean, sticking with veggies, eggs and chicken. I’m developing an interest in experimenting outside the regular realm of veggies I am used to cooking, trying new things, mixing recipes up, combining seemingly odd things and testing what comes of it. The results have been varied, but sometimes it hits the spot, like with this sundal made from sprouted moong.

This also means that I’ve been craving homely flavours from my Amma’s kitchen too, and last week when I saw these brinjals at the market, I could hardly resist buying them.

I don’t cook bigger brinjals too often because I like them smoked, and smoking them is usually a slightly tedious and time-consuming process. But since the only thing I have in plenty these days is time, there was really nothing stopping me from making my version of the classic baingan bharta.

The other star from last weeks shopping was a pack of bright red strawberries. I think the season is officially here, and after months of waiting, I didn’t care if maybe it was too soon to be buying them. Turned out they weren’t as sweet as I had imagined (or as the vendor assured me they would be!). They needed soaking in some sugar syrup, and when I accidentally chanced upon a simple lemon-sugar crepe recipe, the first thing I thought of was to pair them with the strawberries chilling in my fridge. So I made myself these crepes and strawberries for breakfast!

I know it was meant to be a no-bake week, but if I’m upcycling leftover cake/muffins to make something new, a little baking can’t hurt, can it? I used up some leftover cake form last weeks coffee-chocolate-peanut muffins to make this coffee-chocolate pudding. I have to honestly say though this was an edible dessert of sorts, it tasted best straight out of the oven, and no efforts to store, re-hydrate and warm it for use later in the day could replicate the same taste and texture. So if you’re trying this, make sure you consume it right away, or it will not do the trick.

Its safe to say my otherwise very dreary, uninspired week was rather nicely punctuated by these moments in the kitchen, reinforcing my theory about the safest go-to for an uplifter: when all else fails, cook. However, by the end of the week, I was inexplicably blah — too blah to even cook. Thankfully, I have the husband who picks up on these cues and knows its nothing a trip to the beach can’t fix, right?


6 thoughts on “Cooking to save my life

  1. Wow! Everything looks so delicious!

    I’m currently in the mood to experiment with new tastes and new ingredients, too. Been trying out a few things from some food blogs, and been enjoying the process. :)

    Life has been a little blah for me too. Not been in the mood for anything, really. Should try out cooking. :)

    Your recipe for baingan bharta and sundal are exactly the way we make them at home. I love both of these dishes.


  2. Please share your enthusiasm to cook. How do you get it ? Where from? Does it just come naturally? Did it build over time?

    I think it’s awful to be a foodie who dislikes cooking. :(


    1. I wish I knew where it came from, then I could reign it in and ration it! So that I can actually keep it in check sometimes!!

      But whats wrong in being a foodie who dislikes cooking — you get to surround yourself with cooks who will leave all the eating to you!


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