Two things

First, the good news. Hungry and Excited! was picked and featured on the yummly list of certified food blogs! I think I can add this to my mental list of inexplicable things, because I cannot seem to find enough reason how a tiny little spot on the interweb, where I post mundane things from my kitchen could have caught the attention of the folks at yummly. I have known and respected yummly as a massive food blog network for a while now. Its where I go to when I need inspiration. Or when I need to use up an obscure ingredient. I love the site because you can search the food blogs of the world, by ingredient, by cuisine, by food group and by pretty much any imaginable filter you can think of. So why would they suddenly want to feature silly old me? And my weekly cravings for things like baingan, chocolate, mommy food and the like?


See? I told you. Inexplicable.

Second, I made cake. Told you before, all inexplicable things that shock and awe can only be dealt with using extreme measures.

So go read about it here. Its where I announce the yummly news, and share a recipe I invented by accident, when I was dealing with a chocolate craving.

Two things. Good news and a chocolate-chocolate cake. Makes for a fitting humble mini celebration of sorts, don’t you think?


16 thoughts on “Two things

  1. Congratulations!! Although, why does it surprise you? Most regular cooks are looking for people like you – have bought baingan, it’s starting to get spotty skin, have to make it today, what to do, check Haathi’s blog – she must have a some recipe that’ll work. :)


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