Bangalore to Goa

If you haven’t already figured, I don’t need even the slightest excuse to wax eloquent about our proverbial journey away from home. So not too long ago, when TheGalNextDoor asked me to do a guest post for her blog, talking about life in Goa and what it means to me, I grabbed the opportunity. And because it is interesting to live in a place that is otherwise seen as a tourist destination, where people have make fleeting visits filled with indulgence and merry-making, often creating memories that make them want to ensure that what-happens-in-Goa-stays-in-Goa, I thought it would be nice to talk once again of how Goa became home. And because I have come to know TGND’s blog as that place where I go revitalise my Bangalore memories, I thought it would be a nice place to juxtapose my life there/then with the here/now.

In TGND’s words (and sometimes pictures too!) I see a view of Bangalore that I have long forgotten. I love her candid and heartfelt stories about life in the garden city and everything distinctly-Bangalore: markets, gardens and flowers blossoming around! And more often that not her posts give me that strange tug in my heart followed by a flood of memories from a different time and place and invariably I come away feeling light and cheerful that the Bangalore I once knew still has the potential to be a fabulous and vibrant city for some.

From a former hardcore Bangalorean, I think I’ve become quite the self-proclaimed Goan today and so my post for TGND is about how the journey turned my life around. so go take a look and tell me what you think!


3 thoughts on “Bangalore to Goa

  1. Thank you so much for the guest post, and for the lovely words here. I am glad my blog brings back fond memories for you. :)

    I am still learning to love Bangalore (not that it is too difficult), after having lived in Ahmedabad for a quarter century. My blog is a chronicle of the experiences I have as I go about discovering what Bangalore is all about.


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