Fruit overload

Because that’s what happens when I suddenly find myself with more fruit that I can consume. Which happens because some days when I go to the market, I lose control. I see all the fresh fruit and veg and want to buy it all. I’m like a greedy child in a candy store. I forget that once I am back home it is just the husband and me; and that we have just three meals a day between us. The finer details of how I am actually going to cook it all before it rots and how much we can actually consume ourselves are lost on me. The delicate math of permutations and combinations of what amongst the loot can be paired with what evades me. The sabji wallah picks up on my excitement. Maybe its in my eyes that flit quickly from one thing to another. Indecisive, restless and easily-confused, I cannot choose.

He catches me in a weak moment.

“Why not take both? They’re really fresh. You won’t regret it,” he offers. So convincingly, that in a split second, I have agreed and am lugging a big blue bag filled with a motley assortment of vegetables, and my mind whirring with thoughts of what to make through the week.

It’s only once I get home, sort out all the loot and put it away do I look in my fruit bowl, find 6 oranges, 2 packets of strawberries and a dozen bananas, and realise I might have been a little over ambitious. Next day at breakfast, I manage to consume a banana, a handful of strawberries and half an orange with my cereal. And I feel stuffed. I can’t do this every day I decide.

Of course, there are no prizes for guessing what I did to aid quick consumption of the fruit. I made dessert of course.

First this banana peanut butter cake which was..well, just that. Bananas and peanut butter — in a cake. And just as a break in texture, I added in some chocolate chips for molten goodness.

The next day I marinated a couple of oranges in balsamic vinegar and sugar. And turned out not one but two quick things from that one awesome concoction. Breakfast, dessert — have it which way you will, but one thing is for sure, you’ll never have had oranges taste this way before.

And for the delight of finally having found strawberries, I made a strawberry crumb cake, Pioneer Woman-inspired. Except she actually has a small army to feed. While I end up turning my tummy into a mini army. Only for consumption of said cake.

With the vast amounts of dessert always available, the husband has come to be surprised on the odd night when there isn’t something.

“What’s for dessert?” he asks expectantly, almost 100% sure I would have whipped something up as soon as the previous dessert was consumed.

The fruit vendor seems to know it. The husband knows it. I know it.

I’m a dessert junkie.

It’s a wonder I haven’t turned into a blimp already.


10 thoughts on “Fruit overload

  1. Smoothies!! I’m not a big fan of fruit unless it’s mangoes or raspberries. But i can put everything together, add some freshly squeezed orange juice, ice and all my fruits get consumed in a jiffy :)


  2. I’m don’t cook if I can avoid it, so the only fresh produce shopping I do is for fruit and there I go crazy. At least you can cook the excess into a delicious dessert, I have to eat all of it up :-)
    It must be great to have a yummy dessert to look forward to every night. I don’t blame your husband for trying :-)


  3. Really girl,I repeat what Nisha said “Can I please live with you?”
    I’d probably become as fat as a Christmas turkey in two days!
    Strawberries and chocolate…bliss.
    Btw which(or what…heck,talking of food makes me lose my grammar) oven do you use?


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