Because I’m going away

My bag is packed, my last minute panic has been put to rest, and I am excited to be back home. I fly off tonight.

Wintery Bangalore beckons and I’m going to be at two weddings, meet a lot of friends I haven’t seen in years and do all those things I usually do when I’m home: enjoy the food, take unnecessarily long afternoon naps, drink too much filter coffee, wander around town, squabble with auto-drivers, meet a few friends, shop for some essentials, and of course miss Goa.

Meanwhile, I’ve emptied out my refrigerator almost completely, I’ve not stocked up on the essentials. I’ve almost shut my kitchen up. And I’m going to be gone for 10 days. I don’t know if I will blog in the midst of all the shenanigans I’m going to get up to in Bangalore, so here’s a few updates so you can catch up. I trust it will keep you going until I am back?

Is there such a thing as too much dessert? Yes. And can only be cured with curry. The condition attacked me last week, in the twilight zone between the peanut butter banana cake and the strawberry cake, and I had to tend to it with a big pot of home-made curry experiments. So I made this brinjal huli/kuzhambu and it was quite a hit. I’m going to be making this with many other veggies to follow.

Of course the flip side of a break in dessert means the dials are reset and you’re raring to go again. So here’s two chocolatey dishes: one for breakfast, one for dessert. And between the two your brains are sure to explode with a cocoa OD. So you might want to pace it out. Don’t be like me and have them in back-to-back meals.

My version of chocolate oats. And chocolate pudding a la Smitten Kitchen.

And if, like me, you’re trying to clean out your refridgerator and consume every random bit of veggies, maybe this kurma will interest you? Its what I had for lunch yesterday and totally hit the spot for me.

When I’m back, I promise there will be no desserts for a while, if I can help it. There will be flour, butter, herbs, veggies. And salt. Enough of the sugar. I’m embracing salt now.


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