One last sunset

I’m not very big on NYE. When I was a teenager, peer pressure sometimes got the better of me, but through most of my 20s I’ve spent NYE lying low and having a night of drinks and dinner with closed friends/family. Last year was especially quiet. This year, even more so. At least last year we had a plan to stay in and cook for ourselves, listen to music, drink and watch the year go down. This year, NYE has come and gone like any other day.

Since the moment I woke up, today has felt like just another day. As it should. VC scrambled out of bed and went to work, I cooked, I blogged, I ate lunch, I napped, I read. I even went for my run. And its when I was out there, running that it hit me. It was the last day of the year. The last sunset.

The streets were unusually empty, but life went on like normal. The kids played in the park. Walkers strolled by. Dogs were being walked. The grannies and grandpas chattered on the benches. And everything was in sync as it should be.


And as the sun dipped into the ocean one last time, casting a pink and orange spell on the skies around, I realised that I’m quite happy to wish this year goodbye. 2011 was hectic, and 2012 was supposed to be about keeping it simple. A resolution that was a long time coming. That took 10 long months to register and take form. So no, 2012 was no big deal. It was a blip in the space time continuum that I am quite happy to bid adieu to.

2012 was largely shitty. Personally, and otherwise. Our country has nosedived to lows I didn’t think would come so soon. Scores of musicians died. The months were rife with controversy and bad news. Cities have grown unsafe and we live in constant fear of what the next piece of bad news will be. And that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. So in the face of all that, I wished for peace. I wished for love and luck. I wished for togetherness, rationality and good sense. I wished for it all, and went home to have an utterly domestic evening. An evening like any other.

I showered. I cooked us dinner. I chuckled and chattered with the husband. And here I am now, wishing you the very best for 2013.

Here’s what I was listening to, as I was running today, thinking back on the months gone by, and gawking at how utterly ordinary NYE actually is. At a time when things suddenly seemed really gloomy and unenergetic, this was just the pick-me-up I needed. Turn it up and slide into the new year, folks.

If 2012 was a sign of how low things could go, I hope it is only upwards from here on.


5 thoughts on “One last sunset

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  2. oh god yes. all i ask for 2013 is that it not be worse than 2012. i’m hoping that’s a reasonable enough request.
    yay for the simplicity!
    one day im going to email and demand to know HOW you ended up in goa and if there’s a way i can do it in uttarakhand heh


    1. Yeah i hope that is not too much to ask for. Iv frankly had enough of the bad news. So bad that iv stopped reading the newspaper.

      The goa story is a straight forward boring one :D married a mad man, mad man and i got sick of bangalore and its million issues, mad man applied for a job to work in an agency here in goa, agency turned out to be awesome, mad man got the job, i promptly followed like a dutiful wife. Thassall! And im pretty sure you can do it from anywhere it a workig internet connection and a few freelance gigs to keep u going.


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