A year of change

Change. It’s been the most predominant theme on this blog. The emptiness I felt in the lack of it. The desperate need for it. The inability to come to terms with it. The quiet fear that comes with embracing it. The joy of making the giant leap to reach for it. The peace and quiet that lulled me into the lapping comfort that comes with it. The acceptance of it. The promise of newness it brings with it..and you get the drift.

If you’ve been around long enough, you’ll know how I sometimes toggle between fearing change and almost in the very next breath diving head-long and making a grab for it. And this blot of space on the interweb, now over 6 years old and counting, has been through it all. All the change, all the madness, all the excitement, all the highs and lows.

Thank you for sharing my little world. I understand that it’s a little hard to stay interested in an inane ramble of the life and times of a nobody, beaming out trivialities from a quiet beach town. But for those of you who came, clicked, commented, liked, shared and followed, I’m sending you big, hAAthi-sized love and hugs.

Things change. We change. And through it all, there is always that one thing that sticks by us. Something that will live to tell the tale, long after change has come, struck, and gone by. That something, to me, is this blog. In 2012, more than ever, it has been my anchor. My journal, my sounding board, my canvas. Giving me page after page to ramble on about everything that comes to mind. So much has been said, shared and so much has changed. Yet when I come here day after day, I realise this is the one place that can make me feel like nothing really has.

2012 gave me the chance to send the blogging like I never have before. ’nuff said.

Here’s an excerpt from the annual report WordPress has compiled for hAAthi:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 57,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 13 Film Festivals

Click here to see how you made it happen.


13 thoughts on “A year of change

  1. I totally agree with Pepper :) And I love your new pic – I can pretty much count all of your teeth — here’s to a year that will continue to keep your teeth countable :D :) Hugs.


  2. R

    Your two blogs are my favorite blog finds of last year :D
    2013 is going to knock your socks off with all the nice things it has in store for you, I know it. All the best with this year. And get on with that Apple cake.


  3. GAH! stupid WordPress…. what I MEANT to say was that 2012 was a big year for you and 2013 looks to be even better. I see so much potential and magic in you that I just know there are wonderful opportunities in store :)


    1. Siiiiigh see? This is what I mean. Kind folks like you keep me going, keep me coming back to blog more often and share my stories :)

      Thank you! And I wish nothing but the very best or you too. 2013 is going to be big and awesome for you with the baby coming, I hope i is a smashing, fantastic year!


  4. You’ve got such a wonderful blog, Haathi! You do us a favour by writing, and giving us a chance to read you. You’re gifted.So here’s a thank you, from me to you!


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