Food, at last

How on earth did I go 8 days into the new year without the mention of food? Especially because I have been up to my eyeballs in fresh winter veggies, food blogs bookmarked and a fast-growing must-make list of goodies I want to try? We have to set this straight.


Remember the time, not so long ago, when I promised I’d lay off the sauce sugar for a bit? Turns out, I can keep a promise or two. Because I’ve been cooking up quite the savoury storm in my kitchen, and I realise it’s been a while since I linked it all up. I have been experimenting with cuisines, within the realm of Indian as well as dabbling a bit with the odd Asian stir-fry or the pasta. Even when I am not shooting pictures and blogging about it, there’s a whole lot going on in my kitchen.


A couple of days before new years eve VC turned 30, and in true VC style he decided to keep it low key and take on a challenge. With R’s Crab Masala, he was set, and we momentarily switched roles and I handed over the kitchen knife and picked up the camera.

On our trip back home, I also got some Sindhi cooking inspiration from my mother-in-law, because I suddenly realised I miss the food I had in the beginning of our married life. With careful instruction, I made her version of Sindhi Dahi Ki Kadhi, and the husband was quite pleased. Sindhi or not, the simplicity of this one begs to be tested!

I’ve also been trying to think out of the box as far as veggies go, and with winter upon us, I’ve been over-stocking my fridge with Delhi carrots, Methi, Fresh Peas and Baby Mooli. In an attempt not to slice it up and chuck it into sambar yet again, I experimented with this dry Mooli Sabji. If you are a veggie-lover, you might like the idea of this too.

Sometime last week, I reclaimed my love for yeast. Yes, this is probably the only time you will hear a woman say she loves yeast, but I decided to give pull-apart rolls a try and my first attempt was with a concoction of Garlic-Coriander Rolls, which were devoured faster than I could say I-love-yeast.

And because they were such a hit, I dreamed up this version. Literally, saw visions of sauteed onions and mushrooms, stuffed in pudgy little rolls. So much so that when I woke up on Sunday morning, I had to just get down and make these Mushoom and Onion Rolls. What do you know, they turned out pretty yummeh.

Of course, no promise is complete without a few aberrations. Not without reason though. There was this Chocolate Cake, that nobody believed was eggless and butterless. And today, because I needed to crank up the flavour in my breakfast, I introduce the goodness of Banana Bread into my oats.

It seems 2013 has started off on a wholesome and prolific note, as far as my kitchen-lovin’ goes and I really hope that I will continue with the same enthusiasm and fervour to cook, share and enjoy this, as much as I have the past few weeks. And yes, you’re right. You’re probably going to be subjected to such offloading of link-love a little more often than you might like.

All I can say is, dig in.


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