Some homely veggies, some kind of bread, and a cake

Its that time of the week again. Where I do the customary food blog link up. Especially because the culinary enthusiasm is still in full swing, showing no signs of abating any time soon, unless someone physically extricates and bans me from entering the kitchen. But the man in my life is not modern, forward-thinking enough. He doesn’t want to banish me from the kitchen and into a day job. He thinks I belong in the kitchen.

Thank the Lord for that.

Because right now anyone who tries to extricate me will have to fight me, fiercely. I keep going back to that post on discovering new facets to ourselves and reinventing who we are, and I feel like I have made another turn on that road. The one that led me straight back home. Into my kitchen. How else would I be play around and make things like..

This Cold Spicy Carrot Salad to make the most of the Delhi carrot binge that I was on?

Or this Ridge Gourd Coconut Curd Curry, because Priya requested it and because we are the kind of freaks who love gourd?

Or make a return into bread-making with these Sugar-free Banana Buns?

And this awesome Avocado Pound Cake that is as delicious as it is wicked?

All in one week.

I do have another half-written post on how I might have finally dropped roots firmly in the role of a homemaker and how my domestic self seems to be the only self I know these days. About how in random moments of utter mundanity, like lugging the laundry out the washing machine, chopping cherry tomatoes or browsing books about cooking mid-afternoon, I find myself so comfortable and at home, I have to sometimes stop, pinch myself back to my senses and proceed. But I’ll save that for later this week.

In the kitchen is where I am. And its where I am happiest, right now.

Pour your thoughts over mine

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