All THIS food

I have to admit I felt a bit silly writing this post, so soon after I did the last one. Not long after I was reminiscing about Thailand and ALL that food I’m back with some more food. From closer home this time. Sometimes I really think about just how much I can live, eat, talk, breathe, dream food. I makes me wonder how far I can take my love for food, cooking it, sharing it with people, taking pictures (when I’m not doing it for the blog, I’m always Instagramming something or the other) and reading up about it, talking about it and the like.

It is nothing short of an obsession right now. There are nights when I have trouble sleeping because there is a recipe idea brewing in my head. There are days when I wake up and cannot seem to function properly till I have made that something that has been lingering around in my mind begging to be made. My oven has been doing a fair bit of time and I haven’t baked a cake since the 1st of this month. That should give you some indication of what kind of experiments I have been up to. I have run up a massive electricity bill, and my shopping lists at the grocers seem to be growing longer and winder, in aid of trying out new things. The husband, who was hitherto the happiest guinea pig around now begs for some good old simple khana. Of course he doesn’t mean simple, the way I know it. So I have to often think up things that are fun, yet nutritious and healthy. Something that will stay hot and not turn into a solid coagulated mass that used to be palatable when it was made, before it metamorphosed into something else. Something that is simple to make (for me) and exciting to eat (for him). And the latest twist in the story is that it should be something that, and I’m going to quote here: Looks disgusting but tastes awesome.

So that people are not enthused into taking a bite and polishing off half his lunch. Such requests keep me on my toes. If you’ve wondered about why I don’t want any kids ever, you now have your answer.

Of course I am not that much of the dutiful wife, and although I delight in being able to deliver hot lunch on time, I tend to just do things my way a lot of the time. This week I as hugely distracted by the sight of these beauties at the market.


I had my mind set on making a big batch of my favourite jam, so the rest of the week had to be simple. I had no choice. And neither did the husband. Heh.

In the aftermath of a weekend of gluttony thanks to my lovely father who visited us last weekend, I roasted up some veggies in the oven. They turned out rather yummy, and if you like the teeth-clenching sourness of balsamic vinegar as much as I do, this one is for you.

Of course when you roast up every vegetable in your fridge and fail to make it to the market on time, you end up with that blasted combination of tomatoes and potatoes. I don’t know about you, but until I made this other Sindhi kadhi with them, that combination is just a nasty reminder of how inefficient and lazy I can sometimes get!

All thoughts of self-loathing thanks were however undone with the piece de resistance of the week: a recreation of my grandmother’s fabulous strawberry jam. I am in love with it, and swear not to eat anything else for breakfast till the bottle is wiped clean.

Where there is fresh strawberry jam, there has to be peanut butter, so I took the plunge. Testing my patience and my mixie to the max, I made this peanut spread and though I wasn’t sure if I should share it at first, I knew I just had to once I tasted it.

The latest post on the food blog should give you a fair idea of the extremes to which the husband can test my limits as far as experiments go. But the recipe for a methi corn and peas pulao, on the other hand, will give you a fair idea of how I rarely indulge his random and baseless demands!


9 thoughts on “All THIS food

    1. Oh yeah I would die if something made me stop cooking right now, so yes Il take your advice :) and as for plans, I will keep you posted with developments as they happen!


  1. I’ve been stalking your blog for a while now (in a non-creepy way, of course) and I decided it was time to break the silence. You have a way with words and I enjoy reading your blog.

    I tried your roasted veggies recipe, minus the cheese; not because I like to eat healthy, but because I don’t believe in one-dish meals (read: budding glutton). I’m definitely going to be making it more often. Thanks for the recipe!


  2. Please refrain writing so much about food. It makes me go all crazy and either bake/ cook/ eat out/ torture the husband to find something similar and get for me. And above all I am trying to reduce some of that extra flab I have gathered over the years and your posts with all those pictures, yummy descriptions make my commitment go on the toss.

    P.S But nevertheless I love your blog. Put up some healthy recipies as a compensation ;).


    1. It is finally here. The day when someone asks me to refrain from writing about food.
      I wish I could oblige, though :P
      A lot of the recipes on the food blog are perfectly healthy, actually. Most of them are things I cook at home for our daily meals. Even when I bake, a lot of the time, I replace the rich calorie-ridden ingredients with healthier supplements.
      Of course there is also ample time for indulgence, and I do that too. But there is a lot of healthy, regular home food there — its how I want my food blog to be.


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