5, okay 6, reasons to be addicted to Girls

I’ll admit, I first heard about Girls, when I read this article on the hot mess most 20-something girls seem to find themselves in. And yeah, I’ll admit, given the levels of shit-hitting-the-fan that was going on in my life back then, I identified with the piece almost 100%. What with all the being stuck in job I wasn’t entirely happy in, spending inordinate amounts of money on things that are not entirely useful, eating buckets of crappy food to feel better. And continuing to do it, even though I was almost completely miserable, because of some misguided sense of martyrdom. Of having to struggle just to frikking keep it together.

One day, I watched the first episode. And everything just fell into place. The missing piece clicked into the gap that was waiting to be filled and it just all made perfect sense. This, the way I was going about my life, was not cool.

Yes, I’ll admit. Its a show called Girls. With Girls. Likened to Sex and the City. Some go so far as to say its SATC for the next generation. And I goddamn love the show.

Its almost icky to admit it. But yeah, I do. Here’s why:

1) With all its horrifyingly lewd, completely unabashed, brutally raw and honest views on the shit 20-somethings want to put themselves through (including some totally outlandish things that I don’t think any girls I know/knew got up to), I saw a brilliantly pinpointed focus on exactly those things that not many people choose to talk about on popular TV.


2) For a change, it is a show that presents a completely audacious look at the minds of most girls my age. The insecurities, the angst of dealing with adult relationships, discovering ourselves again, following our hearts — all that romanticised stuff that overshadows the real deal. Like saving enough money, having a decent job that you love, being unsure about it all, rediscovering relationshipsin the light of adulthood, getting real, getting brave, finding a new sense of self esteem, being fat and happy, and just doing it all without taking yourself too seriously.

3) And the best part? It’s not all pretty and cute and girly. It is gross, its stark, and it is honest. Such a pleasant departure from the portrayal of 20-something girls on every other show on TV. There are no happy endings. There are no cutesy aww-inducing moments. There aren’t too many things that will make you go, hey-I-want-to-be-like-her. But more than one event will make you stop, ponder, think and realise that you’ve definitely been there before.

4) Second best part? Like the name suggests, it really is all about the girls. For once, the male characters, even the main ones, are sort of fringe, supporting characters. Very central to the overall theme and story, but still sort off feed off of the girls’ character, rather than have nuanced standalone roles for themselves.

5) Okay maybe that wasn’t the best part. Because when I realised that the show was written, directed and produced by Lena Dunham, that’s when I was blown. It is excruciatingly funny, with sharp and witty writing, and pulls out the most specific traits of us girls, with a finetoothed comb. There is not a single episode that has passed by without more than a couple of moments that make me sit up and think wow-I-have-totally-felt-that-way-before.

6) Oh and I also like how its called Girls. As opposed to, Ladies. Or Women. Eek. Because let’s face it, none of us is quite there yet. We’re each in our little bubbles of self-obsessed self-discovery, desperately trying and only almost getting it kind of together.


14 thoughts on “5, okay 6, reasons to be addicted to Girls

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  3. I need to get onto this series….like now. I think I’m kind of saving it up for when I go on mat leave so I can justify watching the whole season in one go :P


    1. Oh yes save it up for mat leave. Because its only one season and a few episodes old. hopefully by the time u get on they will have a few more episodes in. when i started i couldn’t stop and it is totally the kind of show u want to watch back to back and before i knew it it was all over. And then i was sad becaue i had to wait 6 months for the next season


  4. Funnily, I got hooked to Girls in the last 2 months. And I love Shosh, she reminds me of me with all those insecurities about being a virgin and all all that diffidence. Amongst the men, i think I like Marnie’s ex the best. And yes, I have dumped guys for being exactly that sweet, sensitive and kind. God knows what i was thinking :(


    1. I think thats why the show is good. Theres a bit of each of us somewhere in there. I find shoshana impossibly annoying hehehe. But then i have known people like her so even with her exaggerated self it is such a real character, no? Amongst the men my favourite is Adam. He was plain creepy in the first two episodes and then he totally grew on me. I was so pissed when they broke up!


  5. Kusum

    I’ve been hearing a lot about this one, will surely try. You know what I am hooked to right now? A Sci-Fi show called “Dollhouse” that’s what I got out of my marriage Sci-fi shows and gadget mania. I need to be rescued!


  6. Since you said all the important things and I do love this show like more than I’ve loved any show in my life, I’m just going to say what I don’t like. 1) How they still afford to live in such NICE apartments and be so clueless about their lives…TRUST FUND.
    It always happens to shows based in New York for some reason. Everyone seems to be struggling and can still make rent and look fabulous.


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