Out of the blue

When a song makes me get out of my chair, get up and break into a jig, all by my lonesome, I know it is a goo0000d song.

And just like that I slipped out of the blues I have been wallowing under for a large part of this week. I’ve been in a funk of sorts for the last couple of days. Blame it entirely on working procrastinating too much. Like I mentioned in this post, earlier this week I found myself in a spot, forced to cram my way through a pile of work I had pushed unendingly, with no real end in sight. I’ve spent more frustrated afternoons in cafes trying to focus on word documents rather than my food blog. I’ve blocked out the cacophony of the yuppies around me, and tuned into this song as it quite snugly turned into a earworm, embedding itself rather deep inside of me. I’ve spent my evenings settling into an unfathomable sulk — the worst kind that cannot be blamed on PMS, cannot be pegged on a trigger that brought it on, and the kind that shows no sign of retreating.

Its true what they say about all work and no play. Because doing nothing by working all through this week, with no time to think about much else, has soaked me dry and left me uninspired and lifeless. I’ve missed going out for my walk for over 10 days days now (yes, don’t ask. Its a ridiculous and unhappy story) and I’m craving that much-needed endorphin kick that is just the thing I need to crack myself back to life.

Even though ARR’s voice has been on loop for a while now, it just did that wonderful thing songs sometime do. In a split second it flipped backwards on to me, stopped being a track in the background, and glued itself to some twitchy muscle inside of me. And in that instant, I had no choice but to respond with a mini-hop-skip-and-prance move that lasted right through till the end. Because when I dance, I dance like nobody’s watching. And when I enjoy a track, I enjoy it like everyone is.


14 thoughts on “Out of the blue

  1. I have to get hold of the movie ASAP. After all the last Mani ARR outing had me a little disappointed. Raavan didn’t do much for my ears (behne de being the only exception) or for my entertainment loving soul. So I’m hoping Kaadhal will make up for it. By the way if you like Tamil, this one was on a loop for the longest time in the house and in the car. I love the bluesy feel of this song

    Let me know how you like it.


    1. Its kadal meera. As in “the sea” :)

      I watched it over the weekend and i regret to say it was wretched. I am tempted to think it wasnt mani rathnam directing. Because after a glorious start in classic MR style with those lovely sweeping views of the ocean, poignant shots of the little noticed things in the village et al it nosedived into some weird mishmash of nothing in particular.

      While most peopleI l know didnt enjoy ravan, i did. Because unnecessary grandiose aside i felt it was a lovely depiction of the straightforward good vs evil theme. But this movie sadly lacked even that. I can excuse most things but i cannot excuse a loose story line and bad editing.

      The music was awesome and i left feeling i should have stuck to watching the videos on youtube rather than ruin it by watching the whole movie. However if you watch it im very curious to know what you think. Do let me know :)


      1. I’m wondering if I should watch it now. I hate it when this happens. You have such high hopes and then they’re all dashed to the ground. And given that it was Mani, I had such HIGH hopes. Shoot, I’m disappointed. I will still try and catch it, though, just to convince myself that he did make a bad movie. :(


        1. I’ll admit i dont know enough and hvent watched enough of his films to call myself a MR fan. But it IS a lovely story at the heart of it. It was jut badly told. And in most parts didnt seem like Mani did the tellig at all. Or if he did, i think he was bored. Or stoned. Or both :)


          1. Oh he’s one of my favorite directors. Having watched Agni Natchathiram, Kannathil Mutthamittal, Mumbai, Anjali, I am a huge fan. I somehow feel very cheated when my favorites disappoint. ARR has been doing that a little too often in the recent past and now MR. *Sigh*


            1. I have only watched bombay of that lot. At least ARR has got it all right in this one. After seeing the context of the story i am loving this sound track even more now. Like i said i left feeling like sticking to youtube videos of the songs than watching the film itself!

              Have u heard the kadal soundtrack fully? I can mail it to you if you like. Let me know!


    2. Omg as for this song it is one of the first that got me hooked to tamil film music in 2006. Even though i don’t understand a word of the language this one was on loop for many months. Also i watched the movie thanks to my love for the song. And it was a beautiful movie too :)


      1. Well since you’re a fan of good Tamil music, you should listen to this one

        It is from Kannathil Mutthamittal, it handles the Tamil LTTE movement in Sri Lanka and it was done beautifully. A very personal perspective of a national problem. The performances were phenomenal. Watch it when you have the time. ARR’s voice makes it akin to listening to someone offering earnest prayer first thing in the morning.

        I would greatly appreciate Kadal’s soundtrack. I might just end up listening to it as opposed to watching the movie.

        Good night for now, have to drop DD off to school at 8 and I don’t do anything well on 5 hours of sleep :)


        1. Am on my phone right now but cant wait to get online and hear this. I probably already have, but these tamil songs arent in my regular music collection. I must gather them all. Thing is i know only one off songs that stick in my head and since i dont know the words or the language its hard to recollect and download them.

          Im also parallelly collecting a list of tamil films to watch and this one is on the list.

          I’ll mail you the OST when i get online. Goodnight!


  2. R

    After a long, long time, Rahman has a super album. This one is nice and peppy and happy- dancey!
    Have you heard Adiye? That is my favorite from the album – it has a lovely jazz undertone and totally kicks ass.


    1. Iv had the whole album on loop for a bit now. First obsession was nenjukulley and now this. Adiye is the next most fav. Just found out that kadal has released in goa :) and i am over the moon


  3. When I got this post in my email I was wondering where the song was. Now I see the video link. ARR is pretty damn good at everything but Slumdog Millionaire songs. I’m going to ask a dumb question: Is this Tamil or Kannada? It sounds Kannada but what the heck do I know anyway?


    1. Its tamil. From the latest Mani Ratnam movie releasing today :) i dont understand tamil. So i don’t even know what this song is about. But theres just something very peppy and earwormy about it no?


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