Itchy feet

I had them all through last year. This unstoppable restlessness to get up and go. The feeling like the world changing all the time and I wouldn’t see it before it is too late, being stuck here in little old Goa. So much so that when I quit work, travel was one of the things on my list of stuff to accomplish. But as the weeks drew in, I found myself sinking deeper and deeper into a routine right here. At home. It was is mundane, it is every-day-routine-stuff. It is filled with chores and must-dos. And in it, I began to discover a new-found love. In straightening creases. In turning cupboards inside out and back up again. In cooking two meals a day, from scratch. In savouring my breakfast, complete with fruit and grain. In making a habit of my evening run. In spending x hours reading, come what may. In waiting for the husband to come home. In enjoying dinner and dessert together. And quite unknowingly that perennial feeling that was bubbling just under the surface? That feeling that would burst forth every now and then and make me want to run? That intense craving to travel? I realised it had waned away to almost-nothingness.

I no longer have that burning urge to do my two big trips a year. That I am unemployed and need to be wise with how I spend my money probably subconsciously added to this, but the truth is, my itchy feet disappeared. I still have a list of must-see places, but that restlessness is gone. I know I’ll get to it, when the time is right.

In the meantime, I’m making a few smaller trips closer home.

To Delhi later this month, to meet some lovely ladies who I have gotten to know rather intimately, through this blog. Its funny how you don’t meet people, and yet you have so much to say and talk about. And then someone suggests a meet-up, and you realise you’re finally going to really put a face to these people you have shared so much with over so many months, and you realise it is but a small finishing touch in some very lovely relationships you have built along the way. I am looking forward to it, because there is promise of chatter, giggling, girl-talk over food and drink. Oh, and cake.

And since I am going to be in Delhi after so long, it would be a shame not to extend the trip long enough to be with AK and PK, original Dilliwasis who have always housed me, entertained me with love and warmth. I’m looking forward to kitchen shenanigans and camera shenanigans with the two.

Next month I’m off to Bombay, to catch the Norah Jones gig. Yes, I’m finally watching a live act. After god-knows how long. And that it is Norah Jones and I got early bird tickets and it is in Bombay is enough reason to be excited. Very, very excited.

And if all goes well (fingers crossed) we’re making our big trip for the year. To Ladakh and Leh. After four years of almost-going, and craving and lusting over pictures and websites and blogs and brochures we’ve decided I need to grow some balls and brave the cold. I’m going to need some serious prep on that one.

Every now and then I stop and chuckle at myself. At how my priorities have done a 180 degree turn and how so much has changed. 10 months ago I would never have imagined that having all the time in the world would see me spending endless days locked inside my home. And yet, that’s exactly what I have done.

The world continues to change. And my bucket list of places to continues to grow. I’m just not in a rush to tick them off just yet. The fidgety itchy feet I harboured for so long have gone. And they’ve given way to calmer wanderlust of sorts. I wonder if things will ever reverse again.


16 thoughts on “Itchy feet

  1. R

    Oh yay! :) *does a happy trippy dance*
    Cake, indeed. I am thinking vile red and yellow frosting and lots of random sprinkles and a certain mother nodding her head in dismay :p


  2. Leh Ladakh is not cold in the right season. At least not in the day. And it is so awesome am glad you are going! I have the list of stuff you need to carry along listed in my blog. So some prep work already done :)


  3. a

    I never thought i’d travel anywhere. And who knew it would happen just like that. Here i was one day admiring fb pics of people travelling far and wide and the other saw me travelling across continents and countries. Travel is indeed money well spent. And if your itchy feet someday bring you to London, please do come by.
    PS: Goa was till last year my annual pilgrimage. :)


    1. Oh travel is the ONLY way to spend your money, if you ask me :P
      Hopefully the itchy feet will take me west-ward someday. A return trip to Europe has been on the agenda for a few years, and although Iv been to Europe, I haven’t been to London/the rest of England as maybe, maybe..


  4. I have had itchy feet for the last two years or so, and have not been making full use of them. That makes me sad. :(

    “This unstoppable restlessness to get up and go. The feeling like the world changing all the time and I wouldn’t see it before it is too late, being stuck here in little old Goa. “– I can understand EXACTLY what you mean here. I have exactly the same feelings now. The urge to travel is so strong now, I can’t express myself clearly enough. A lot of factors are holding me back from making those big trips I want to, now, though. :(

    Off and on, I have this urge to quit everything and just be – travel the world, basically, cook, read and write all that I want to. Every time, I come up with an excuse to not do that, though. Maybe I am not ready for that stage yet. That said, I have a feeling that once I do quit work, I will love the feeling of being at home and ‘straightening creases and turning cupboards inside out’ so much that I will be more cooped up at home than travelling. :)

    So J of you – regarding the blog meets and Delhi and Mumbai visits. Those trips might be closer home for you, but they mean a lot to you, I can see. Wish you all the very best for the Leh-Ladakh trip to materialise this year. I have been meaning to visit these two places for ever, too, but have been put off due to fear of altitude sickness. Oh, well, some day…


    1. I honestly thought id be travelling more and doing the big trips i have always wanted to. But something seems to have calmed the restlessness. Maybe it is when you find something that really absorbs you that you dot feel the need to run anymore. Maybe my work life was just not that engaging for me. Maybe maybe. Im really not sure


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