While you weren’t looking

…I haven’t stopped cooking. It’s just that with all the shenanigans I’ve gotten entwined in, and having a low-key month on Hungry and Excited, its been a while since I linked you folks up.

But there has been a fair bit of baking. Mostly bread, but there was a cake too. Happily made to coincide with Valentine’s Day. But you don’t have to wait until next February to make it.


Grab the last dregs of the strawberries you can find now and make this Orange Blossom cake with Strawberries. Like now.

It’s the bread-making that’s made a real comeback. I have gotten through a questionable amount of flour this month, and there is no hiding from this fact. I made too much bread.


Apart from making buns a couple of times, I made this 100% Whole Wheat Masala Bread with fresh methi leaves.

And just when I realised it was the end of another month and I looked at the dismal number of uploads on the food blog, I decided to squeeze in one last post for the month.


I finally made this Cinnamon and Sugar Pull-apart Loaf that I have been contemplated ever since I saw it on Joy’s blog months ago.

While the weeks are whizzing by, I have to often tell myself to slow down, stop to take another helping of cake and remind myself that there’s always time for some more baking. If I go MIA again, remind me, will ya?


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