Way too much sexy for one evening


And so it happened. Last night. An evening I will probably never have the pleasure of witnessing again. Norah Jones live in India. Standing barely 12 feet away from her pretty self (despite having the cheapest tickets har har), screaming a bit hysterically, and then getting goose bumps at the start of every single track.

That white-faced splotch on the left is Norah herself. Small, petite, so effing gorgeous. No frills, just plain old good music. She came, she belted them out one after another like she owned the evening. And she took a bow and she left. That’s my kind of artist. The kind that lets the music do the talking.

The white-faced splotch to the right (her left) is her incredibly energetic, I’m-totally-rocking-this-lead-guitaring-for-Norah-Jones-thing, looking rather cute despite his superbly tight jeans. I think the way he enjoyed himself took the hot-factor up a gazillion notches.

The rest of her band was beyond impressive. Super prepped, tight, seamlessly going from one track to the next. You idolize a musician when you’ve heard so much of her music online, on CDs and by abusing youtube, and then you hear her live. And you realise, man, the woman can sing.

I went. I listened. I swooned. And then I died and went to heaven.

16 thoughts on “Way too much sexy for one evening

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  2. She’s very talented and there is no doubt in my mind that it’s genetic. It has to be even if her dad had nothing to do with her. That’s not to take anything away from her motivation as a child. Glad you had fun. I had two other friends there and from their pictures and yours, I can tell whimsy levels were very high.
    I do not like the large crowds part either. Especially when you pay so much for a concert and get pushed around anyway.


      1. OMG that is probably my most fav NJ album. I was hoping against hope she would sing the title track from that album, but she didnt :(
        The next fav album is this one..It is sheer genius, and if you like NJ I highly recommend getting this one.


    1. I think its more than genetic. She is beyond talented. Effortless, pure and so so good. Also, I think she knocks the socks off of her half sister, hands down. So if genetics were the way to go, I think she is better endowed :D


    1. The energy was awesome, and the gig rather well organised. But by the end, after standing for six hours straight, I realised that no matter how well the concert may be organised and how niche the music is, large crowds turn slightly rowdy. There’s no escaping that..people pushed and shoved and I had enough. I dont think I can do the big crowded gig anymore :S


    1. Hahaha no i called what he was doing the “thing” but yea he was, not hot, incredibly energetic and cute in a way that you can appreciate when you see a boy really involved and into what he was doing. Omg this is too much analysis for a cute boy no?


      1. R

        There is never such a thing as too much analysis, where cute boys are concerned. And this one, I totally get. So involved that they look so effortlessly cool!


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