When you are a self-proclaimed foodie

Expectations run high. Foodie desires get articulated. News of the food from your kitchen travels far and wide. People forget that you are no expert. Just a self-proclaimed foodie. But even before you know it, people begin to demand a piece of your cake.

And sometimes poor old novice me, with shaky hands and a thumping heart, complies.

When I went to Bombay last week, I took along a fat, sticky nutty chocolate cake with bananas and poppy seeds for my brats to eat devour.


And in the one day between my coming back and VC leaving for Bangalore, I made a batch of sugar-free date and walnut buns for my parents.


But of course, it was not long before the selfish me surfaced and I made something for myself.

#1 in the Fight the Flu series was a spicy Indian frittata, in the hope that maybe it would stoke my dead taste-buds back to life.


and #2 in the Fight the Flu series, was a cold banana-chocolate-strawberry smoothie, also sugar-free. And believe it or not, after three days of meds, rasam, soup, warm water + honey, haldi wala doodh and the like, this is what actually made me feel better.


When you are a self-proclaimed foodie, pretty soon you’re forced to meet expectations, listen and act when people tell you what they want to eat, behave shy and modest when they tell you they’ve heard of your kitchen shenanigans. And pretty soon you have to learn to wield that spatula, work that whisk and give them what they want to eat.

And the answer to pretty much all of that, invariably lies in food.


6 thoughts on “When you are a self-proclaimed foodie

  1. I am the opposite of a foodie; not just self-proclaimed. But looking at your ridiculously lovely pictures, I am beginning to wonder if I got this part about myself wrong in a hurry.

    I think more than cooking itself, I like the philosophy of cooking. FWIW, I liked Chef Gusteau’s (of the Ratatouille fame): Anyone can cook. Your last sentence makes sense too.

    Wonder what do our celebrity chefs believe in.


    1. Of course anyone can cook.. My sudden love for all things kitchen-like is proof that anyone can. If you knew me in 2010, you’d find it hard to believe I am the same person.
      But what is “the philosophy of cooking” ?


      1. I’d say, it’s the thought processes and the rationality that go behind your cooking per se. Not exactly how to cut a particular vegetable for this dish, but more like: why is it that I like cooking so much? (and perhaps, the converse, too). Maybe even, how does my love of cooking affect me in my other activities in life? Or, how am I growing with my love for this activity/art?

        Just trying to understand what you are doing, internalising it, and seeing its broader implications.


        1. Hmmm..i have never thought about it so much. maybe because apart from the usual effort to eat healthy portions of everything thats good for you, and trying to make my cakes eggless and butterless, I dont really think about my cooking all that much..


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