Foodings (and the lack of it)

Its true, the food blogging mojo has been flagging. But if you knew what Goa is like this time of year, you’ll know why. Standing in the kitchen for hours on end, cooking and shooting pictures at this point, just seems like a quick route to dehydration.

Also its been a strangely hectic month that has thrown my domesticity out of whack. Starting with the travel, and then the sickness, and then visiting friends(which invariably leads to eating out more than I’d like) and general lethargy thanks to the bitching summer that seems to have come too soon, I have been feeling increasingly disinclined from doing anything elaborate in the kitchen of late. I’ve been subsisting largely on salads, quick one-pot things that I throw-together rather than cook, open toasts and sandwiches, instant things like idlis and dosas, and lots of buttermilk.


These dosas have become my go-to dinner at least twice a week now. Invariably we make enough batter to last us through breakfast the next day too. And the possibilities seem to be endless, I’ve already made so many different variations, its a win-win situation.

On the weekends I tend to cook something big, and there has been a few things worthy of sharing, but it means having to brave the kitchen in the heat of the day, shooting it and yadayada, which I just haven’t had the patience for.

What I have been up to is lots and lots of baking. Bread experiments galore and lots of satisfying results. I sometimes have to reallyt ry hard to contain myself form just rushing off to bake a loaf of bread because I had an idea I suddenly wanted to test. And I have a lot of those ideas — groan. Like this Coriander and Chilli loaf.


The oven has been used a lot this month, and I am dreading the electricity bill when it is time for it. Last weekend I made two cakes and a loaf of bread. The weekend before, I made a ginormous Strawberry and Fig pie. Terribly gooey and fruitalicious. Very yummy and I’m just sad it was consumed so soon.


I have some ideas for some summery food, that I think warrants a posts (or two, or three even) — the kind of food I am trying to get by with. Healthy, but not time consuming, and perfect for summer. I hope to gather some energy to do that soon. But until then, enjoy these!


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