The heat of the moment

I really can’t tell if it is the weather that’s getting to me, or if it is a general sense of not having fallen back into routine, or the general chaos that often comes from putting off essential chores indefinitely. Maybe, this is just me beating around the bush, and what I really need to accept is I am bone lazy. And by that I mean, will-not-move-my-patootie-unless-I-absolutely-feel-like lazy.

I’m leaning toward the latter. Because how else do you explain avoiding going to the market even when there is a clear and definite risk of veggies running out and I know we’re going to have to eat bread and eggs for dinner. Two nights in a row?

Or for that matter, just the fact that I am avoiding hectic cooking of all kinds?

Or the resolve with which I manage to ignore the precariously placed mountain of laundry that was washed and aired about, omg, three weeks ago, like the clothes told me they want to hang around and not be put away?

Or the fact that every morning I look at the date on the corner of my laptop and tell myself x days before the month ends and x pieces to submit, and still push my luck no matter how dangerously impossible-to-finish that ratio looks?

Or the fact that every little off-thing anybody says to me makes me want to bite their head off? That I am indulging people not worthy of my time and emotion by writing out entire posts of loathing, in the honour of their kind?

Or that I am turning to chocolate and sugar to fill in the gaps? Or that I seem to find it easy to bunk working out as easily as it once was to get myself going, not so long ago?

I need some summery cheering up. Its just that kind of day.

Shut off the computer. Stick a song on loop. Kick back.

And go away, maybe.


19 thoughts on “The heat of the moment

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  2. That person with a wide grin on this page, I think she’d be okay with kicking back and chilling while the world rushes past. Go easy on yourself, you’ll soon get back into the routine. And don’t let the douchebags touch that crazy welcoming smile :-)


    1. Haha i wish i had your encouragement last week. Most of which was spent horizontally while everythig around me fell apart. I dont know what it was but it came and went and now i can feel things slipping back to order.


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    1. Yes yes. I told you no? It was saved for the appropriate day!

      I have been lazy dude. And HOW! But one week of it is about all I can take. Now veggies have been bought, cheese and beer bread is going to be made, and generally things are moving back on track.


  4. daee, you please chill out! the weather or no weather.
    That chair seems to attract the clothes and most times seem happy to be there.
    He and you share a common feeling. :D
    They know they will all Congregate and there will come one afternoon where you get in that ‘MOOD’ and clean clean clean sort sort sort.. Its all part of this Routine you speak of sooooo very often!
    BTW nice gana.


  5. You know, I’ve always admired your lifestyle. You worked out, maintained a well kept home AND you cooked and baked all those awesome things. I just can’t get myself to be like that.

    I am a sloth. A slob. If I am at home, I am lying on the couch forever. Laundry remains undone. I cook when I have to, but the kitchen/home continues to remain messy. That is why I think it is very essential for people like me to be given deadlines – imposed by external authorities. Else I won’t move my butt.I procrastinate to the extent of never doing anything.

    So I can completely relate to this post. It describes my life when I am at home. Fortunately for you, it is only a phase. I know you will bounce back.


    1. Different strokes for different folks, i guess. Thing is i usually dont have to try too hard to function in an orderly manner with a routine. It comes naturally. And i guess it helps that i enjoy a well kept home, cooking and baking and looking after it all myself. Which is probably why phases like this throw me off completely. It happens once every 6 months or so and it irks me every time.


  6. vishalbheeroo

    These things happ and things do get to you at times. Chill and go with the flow.Procrastination help at times:)



  7. crunch

    Wow this is beginning to sound more and more like my life!!! And to think I have a house and 100s of boxes to unpack and set up!! At the cost of having you plant a remote simulated bite on my head (it’s ok I feel like this at least 4 times a day) I’ll ask – where are the maids, the drivers, the help and other people that stop by? I am beginning to feel like work gets done around here only if the people around me whack me off my behind – my daughter, my maid, my driver. I have to do things in preparation for them to get things done which means I am forced to get off my behind everytime someone opens the door! The laundry basket is magically always empty unlike my days in California – where 3 weeks like yours would have been us at our best!!


    1. Unfortunately no daughter, no driver here. Maid is there, but she only cleans my dishes and floors. My machine does the laundry :P In my defense though my maid has given me the royal ditch today, so maybe my routine is off, because of that.
      Oh well..


    2. Unfortunately no daughter, no driver here. Maid is there, but she only cleans my dishes and floors. My machine does the laundry :P In my defense though my maid has given me the royal ditch today, so maybe my routine is off, because of that.
      Oh well..


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