Summer pleasures

Snoozing the alarm at least five times before actually waking up. Beginning the day with a tall mug of chai. Slow cooking my oats, adding one spice in at a time, in no particular order. Absentmindedly adding in chopped fruit, and realising it actually worked out quite well. Spending mornings stretched out in bed, book in hand, day after day after day after…
Losing track of time, taptapping away at the computer, looking up to realise three hours have passed by. Happily. Making lists of non-work work, and taking it just as seriously. Feeling just as satisfied when it is actually accomplished.
Taking apart every cupboard, one shelf at a time. Sorting, discarding, rearranging, replacing. Spending entire mornings setting things back in order.

Having time behave, just the way it should.

Driving out to catch a meal some place special, even as the sun is beating down. Sitting in the shade of a lime green umbrella, sipping a lemon-mint soda. Feeling just so happy with the way things work out.


Eating till bellies burst, relenting only when the signs of a siesta become difficult to fight.
Soaking in the summer afternoon heat, loving it as much as hating it all at once. Beads of sweat dotting upper lips, underarms soaked through, there is relief only when those clothes are ripped off and replaced by little itty-bitties.


Dreaming of meals that end with a big bowl of curd. Sometimes whipped with just a dash of jaggery. Licking every last bit of it. Making dessert of loose-skinned, baby oranges. Peeling them, fingers sticky, in the balmy afternoon light. Drawing the curtains closed tight, for that afternoon siesta.Watching the fan whirr slowly, and feeling irritable that its not quite enough.
Eyes heavy, they shut unexpectedly, the book in hand lightly tipping gently off balance. The page is lost as sleep finds its way home.
Growing annoyed when the newly summer-vacationed kids come out to play at 4 pm. Having that evening cup of chai, set to the backdrop of their incessant chatter in the distance.
Spending late evenings in the balcony, endlessly talking away, as the glass in hand quickly turns wet with condensation. Swatting mosquitoes and watching the prayer flags flutter in the wind, thick with humidity.

Feeling glad that for every summer day, there is a summer night.

There was a time not so long ago when I’d slot so many of these things those rare indulgences. Saved for those special days when I’d take trouble to put life on hold and choose to own my time just for a bit, to do what I pleased with it. When I’d indulge in the odd guilty pleasure, like that random siesta, extra dessert, laboring over a whole meal, cooking it from scratch, spending a whole day with a book, going out to a lavish brunch. Days spent just the way I pleased, thanks to a momentary lapse in routine often gave me that burst of energy, the breath of fresh air. Little things that gave immense joy. On Sunday, as we gobbled our brunch, which we actually ended up having at lunch-time, I realised that what I called rare indulgences at one time, have somehow become life today.

19 thoughts on “Summer pleasures

    1. Oh, this is all very well because I hadnt stepped out in the sweltering heat in something like 8 days, before I went out to brunch on SUnday :P It is easy to love summer when you are nestled indoors, with fans on, ac at times, curtains drawn, LOTS of curd and buttermilk and baby oranges to keep you company.


  1. R

    Lou-ed this post. Much as I hate summer at the moment, I must say I prefer this over the rest of the seasons this city has to offer! And what an evocative post – so many sights and sounds and smells that came to mind.
    Also, my vain-est reason for loving summer – fabulous skin! :)


    1. Oh I wish I could say the same.. my skin is at its all time worst this summer, for some odd reason. I am not able to figure out what is going wrong, because my diet has never been better, I am exercising, the weather is sweaty — no reason why it i should be breaking out :S


  2. Aquarius

    This sounds so delicious. I actually do some of the things you wrote :) I love digging into watermelons and having ice cold water….


  3. Lovely!

    I’ll come back next year to declare: I Know What You Did Last Summer.
    I have an year to practice a vicious laugh.

    This reminds me of the ‘How I Spent my Summer Vacation’ essays from school days. Mine used to be: Ate mangoes. Chased chickens. Got yelled at by grandma.


    1. Hahaham yes it would be good to remind me what I did last summer, because none of the previous summers have been this wonderful. And Id like to never forget this one. I have not been this happy and content in a long time.

      LOL @ chased chickens and got yelled at by grandma!


  4. This is such a lovely, languid and deliciously lazy post! Reminds me of my summer hols from school. :)
    I’ll be in India tomorrow, hopefully will be able to spare some time to do nothing. *fingers crossed*


  5. This makes me yearn for an Indian summer! I used to curse the heat when summer rolled by but the abundance of mangoes more than made up for it.
    As for rare indulgences becoming life, you are one from the lucky bunch! :)


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