This is the only way I can make amends

With my kitchen and all things culinary, that is. I’ve neglected it all. Left it to get dusty, cobwebby and feel left out. And that is never a good place for me to be. One, because I love being in the kitchen too much to let it go this way. I have the summer to blame entirely for this, but sometime last week I stopped in my tracks and told myself this is unnatural. And two, because it is not like me to feel so out of it, kitchen-wise. So uninspired and unenthusiastic. Eating leftovers, drinking curd and buttermilk like my life depended on it, and tricking the husband into believing that the pitiable things I was cooking were good enough to be complete meals.

Who was I kidding? I missed being in the kitchen. If only it weren’t so goddamn hot!

Excuses, was time to set things right again. And so I decided to start at the very beginning. With a nice leisurely visit to the market.


Then to the super market to stock up on lots of missing things. Finally back home to clean up the kitchen, take down the ratty mess that it had turned into and put things back in order.

There is nothing more inspiring that a fridge full of bright veggies and a sunny but clean kitchen to step into. And the 100+ food blogs I frequent. I seriously don’t know what I’d do without all that inspiration. In times of summer distress, some of them manage to stir the cooking bug in me again. I feel a flutter in my heart, and my brain, hitherto melting away one hemisphere at a time, whirrs back into action, momentarily.

Its how I adapted a few recipes I saw online to dish up this baby corn and mushroom sabji.


And the  this gorgeous achari gobi. Both packed with masala, of the kind I have been avoiding these past few weeks. But also delicate enough to go with a simple dal-rice. Or roti. Or just a tall mug of chaas.


Whatever makes you happy. Whatever floats your boat.

The bread-making continues. One loaf a week, on average. I don’t know when I am going to jam the breaks on this incessant experimentation and just focus on the basics. Everything is going just right, until it comes to actually mixing things and getting my hands dirty, and suddenly in an instant I have thrown in something that didn’t belong.

Like the onions and cheese in this loaf of bread.


The ragi and oats in this one.


And if you don’t really fancy simple bread, well you can always have some cake.

A guilt-free eggless, butterless, sugarless, whole wheat cake, at that.


I’m on my way to making amends with the kitchen. The ratio of buttermilk to solid food is slowly coming back to normal. And the husband even sent me a message last week about lunch being “really nice”. That’s enough progress for me, for now.

What about you? What have you been cooking this summer?

17 thoughts on “This is the only way I can make amends

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  2. And I baked the golden guilt free gud cake following your recipe, and saying that it turned out delicious and just the way I expected would be understating it, and coincidently it happens to be Gudi Padwa today.


  3. Shweta

    I think the last time I ate roti was 2 weeks ago…i just cant get myself to make one and eat it!And Bangalore is crazily hot this year!We’ve just been surviving on curd rice and poly mango pickle.:)


    1. Hehe, I hear you! I force myself to make them sometimes though, to avoid eating rice all the time and feeling like a blimp! I was just telling my friend R yesterday, after making a bunch fo rotis, that it feels like a mini workout. I was totally sweaty and in need of a bath when I was done.. UGH!


  4. Yummy yum yum!

    But what struck me first was this. When the kicthen needs some dusting and cleaning, you’d think that, that is the first thing to do before going shopping. But nope. What you did is exactly what I do. it feels so inspiring to come home with tonnes of stuff and stack the fridge (oh yea, the beauty of green and fresh), refill those glass jars, sometimes add a knife or two (and make it one dozen. Ok, not really. But you know what I mean) and then work on the platform. It is so refreshing to read this post. I sometimes dislike logic and the phrase “logically speaking”.

    Achari gobi all the way! Trying it this weekend :)


  5. Your blog made me crave for food. Which is not good for my body all the time :P By the way suggest me some easy sabjis for students. I meant we dont get much time and I stuff my stomach with junk food. :/ Achari Gobi tomorrow by the way! :)


    1. Check the “veggies” tag on the blog, maybe you’ll find something else you like. Its not as updated as i have liked it to be, but theres enough for you to get started im sure


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