Ice, ice, baby

The heat is driving me batty. It hadn’t struck me until my dad mentioned it the other day, when I was cribbing about the noise and dust thanks to the construction outside my house (the same thing I cribbed about here) — but it probably has a lot to do with the sudden increase in temperature I am feeling this year. Goan summers are usually hot, and the last three years have been no different, but this year I am going around like a harrowed housewife ranting to anyone who will give me an ear, “It’s only April! What the eff is going on?!!”

My father is probably the only architect/builder I know that feels pity for the environment. When he visited me earlier this year and saw the monstrosity coming up in front of my house, he said to me with regret in his eyes, “If only they didn’t have to chop all the trees and flatten the ground like that!” It’s why his projects are so few and far between. So few people seem to want to build earth-conscious homes anymore. It’s probably also why he struggles to find challenging, yet meaningful work. It’s probably why he is not the run of the mill super rich builder too.

But I digress. That conversation with my dad made me realise why I’m going just this crazy with the heat this year. Its making me do things I didn’t think possible. Like not stepping out of the house or meeting anybody for days on end, simply because I don’t want to leave the cool, shady environment behind the drawn curtains of my home.

Surviving on fresh fruit and salads has become the way to go. Who’dathunkit?!


The odd outing that I have, I find myself wanting to dive headfirst into the first water body I see. Clothes on and everything.

Its making me stay on a liquid diet for the most part. Then promptly melt into nothingness. And no, not in a nice way.


It’s causing me to make ridiculous evening drink choices.


Its making me want to turn into the worst kind of sloth around. Spend entire days lying horizontal, under the fan, telling VC to order in or make do with leftovers. Except after a week or so of that I got sick.And had to motivate myself to fix this situation. Something to tide through the summer without letting the cooking come to a grinding halt, and resorting to take away all the time.

Ice, ice baby is the answer. So everything I do in the kitchen, all cooking endeavours are now aimed at feeling icy cool. Okay maybe not icy, but cool. Its all I am obsessing over these days. All kitchen activity is now subject to a few conditions:

1) the duration of time that spent in the kitchen must be under 30 minutes
2) the food cooked should be consumed without reheating
3) the meal/dessert must leave me feeling super cool

Erm, not so much in a feel-good, psychological sort of way, but more physically cool, if you know what I mean. And thankfully, despite all the rubbish summer brings, there’s one thing that comes with it that I love and cannot do without.


The mango madness has begun in earnest. Heralding all kinds of summery cooking in these parts. Its all the inspiration I needed to get a move on and make a bunch of summery things. So summery that I went and created a neat little packet of all the summer-inspired posts, so you know just where to look.

What’s all this fuss about? Go see for yourself.

Mango madness inspired a Mango Lassi and a batch of Mango Sorbet that I am greedily rationing my way through. And then there was the much-talked about buttermilk. Except I give you options! I made Buttermilk-3 ways! There is also the Watermelon and Mint Salad I made yesterday. The one I made a big bowl of, with plans to make it last longer. Of course that plan failed when I finished it all off in a day. But of course, not everyone can survive on ghaas-poos and the odd mango, even if it were the best Alphonso, so there was some real cooking in the form of this Mint and Coriander Coconut Rice. Though this involved some cooking, I was happy to make the exception because it meant throwing things together in my crock pot and letting them slow cook on their own.

My dad would have had a nasty thing or two to say about the construction outside. It is downright ugly, to be really honest. But if he were visiting me right now, he’d be pleased to see how I am working around the rising temperatures, and he would most certainly have had a happy thing or two to say about the food at home.


10 thoughts on “Ice, ice, baby

  1. ddeepa

    Am I allowed to drool? :) Sigh! BTW, I love the condition 1 – restricted to 30 mins! And love all the food choices too! :) Stay cool!


    1. Seriously..Sometimes it near impossible. I feel like I could survive on salads and fruit, but my super fast metabolism makes them disappear in no time, and then I have to eat multiple meals. Which is tiring in its own way. Such dilemmas!


  2. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous Haathi! If you don’t mind me asking, where did you find that mango cutting thingy? I’ve been looking for that thing that presses down on fruits and cuts that shape you have there. Did you use one of those thingies or cut it by hand?


    1. Theres a cutting thingie that does that?! I had no idea! I did this by hand. Sliced the mango lengthwise into a semi-circle, slashed it one way, then across in checks and pressed the skin upwards so the pieces pop out. Then I slice close to the skin and have neat squares.


      1. Good lord!!!! That is skill right there. Here let me look up the thingie that does that with one squish. I lost mine in the move. Let me see if I can find a link somewhere


        1. Hehe, I know it looks all fancy, but it isnt. And its also rather simple to do. In fact Im too lazy to eat mangoes the REAL way, which is straight off the skin, so I chop them up quickly and use a fork instead..


  3. Mangoes are the only reason we tolerate summer (of course we also have no other real season here to speak off.). Follow it with a lot of milk, butttermilk, yoghurt and naarial paani, to keep that skin clear.


  4. vishalbheeroo

    I miss Goa. Such a soulful place to rest and I visited South Goa and stayed near Palolem beach. i love’s super awesome during summer. love ur posts:)


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