In which I resort to a shameless plug

The sister’s second show, and her first in Bangalore, opens tonight! And because I couldn’t be there in person to sqyooze the bejeezus out of her, embarrass her and make her more nervous than she already is, I thought I’d pitch in with a shameless nepotistic plug.


Cult of the Street is her mixed media exhibit that explores some of the unorganised  professions that continue to thrive on the streets of cities like Mumbai. In these days of booming economies and prosperity, these lesser known informal businesses exist in an almost parallel universe cut off from a world you and I know and live in.

From the hugely popular bone-setters to the slightly suspect ear-cleaners and roadside hajjams, the show is quirky, brings the glamour of everything we dismiss as kitsch-Indian culture back to reality and exposes the professional underbelly of a city like Mumbai.

The second show of the series that began in False Cieling, Bandra last June, this show is bigger and bolder. If you’re in Bangalore and are keen, she would love to have you over for the opening, to catch the show at leisure and chat over wine and snacks at 1, Shanthi Road between 6:30 and 9:00 pm tonight.

The show will continue from tomorrow till 29th April, between 11 am and 7 pm., so you can drop by any time, if you’re unable to go tonight but would still like to take a look.

Bangalore peeps, GO!

16 thoughts on “In which I resort to a shameless plug

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      1. Romi Chugh

        I still remember the days when Super Vasmol was used! :P
        I read about the bone setters bit after reading her articles on her blog – never knew those guys still exist!


        1. Exist and HOW! They have such huge ardent followers who keep coming back to them to fix ailments and broken bones, even in these days of modern medicine and what not..


  2. vishalbheeroo

    hey all the best to ur sister and I think it is a very creative and novel concept she is working on. Such works need to be encouraged and promoted extensively:)


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