I <3 Panjim moments #84026, #84027 and #84028

It occurred to me rather late on Saturday evening that a large part of my unseemly sulky funk had something to do with missing my sister’s show opening. I am scheduled to go to Bangalore later this week, to catch the last of it, if that is any consolation. But those plans were made to accommodate a family holiday we were to make (my parents, my grandmother, the sister, the husband and I!) post the show ending. So tickets were booked, vast amounts of money were spent on flight tickets because my dear husband thinks trains are a waste of precious time than could be spent staring at an ipad mini while waiting to board a flight.

*insert eyeroll*

To cut a long story short, the holiday had to be cancelled due to unforeseeable circumstances, in light of which the husband cancelled his trip altogether. Who wants to spend a whole week in Bangalore?! he said. And I couldn’t help but agree. Precious time off from work must be spent in the hills, or on a beach, or in a jungle, as we would have with my folks. Definitely not in a congested city.

After a weekend spent sulking, I decided it only made sense that I come back to Goa in time for my birthday, given all these changes, because I didn’t feel like leaving the husband out of the celebrations. And if I had stayed on in Bangalore, there would have definitely been some. So as it stands now, I’m in Bangalore for a measly two days, over the weekend, before I zip back to Goa. And that caused me significant emotional tussle. Combined with the fact that I was helplessly stuck with a stupid, ill-timed two day holiday at the very end of the show, when I could very well have gone for the opening last week, sent me to the depths of sulkdom, from where I began the long haul back to normalcy only on Sunday.

I have gotten so unused to having these dips in mood, that I have lost the ability to accurately pinpoint the cause of my funk and arrest it before it grabs me in its choke-hold.

I’ve said before that the kitchen is my solace in most times of distress. It’s the only way, apart from music and books, that I can bring back some sense of balance to my mind and soul. So when I had finally figured out why I was so out of it, it was rather easy to begin to snap out of it. I had a mellow Saturday, but on Sunday I sprang back to life by cooking this really easy, cheesy pasta for lunch. It helped that every meal was punctuated by this rather wholesome banana bread that I made last week. We had it with vanilla ice cream one time, crumbled over cereal for breakfast, and I nibbled on it just plain and simple with tea. Very versatile, and totally delicious.

Monday things looked even better! By Tuesday they were really beginning to look up. This ultra simple Goan veggie pulao might have had something to do with it. Rice is my ultimate happy food. Despite numerous attempts to cut back and go easy on it, it calls my name and soothes my soul, creeping up from the dark corners of blogdom and begging to be made in my kitchen!

While in sulkdom, a steady stream of salad to accompany evening drinkies brought some cheer to my life. I’m like a Salad Stoner now. Dishing them up from whatever I can lay my hands on in the veggie tray. Call it beginners luck, if you will, but I’ve had a decent strike rate so far. Here’s two salad ideas that might cheer you up too.

Are you in a summer funk? The heat getting to you? People bailing on you? Plans running amok? The darned IPL getting on your nerves? Whatever it may be, try you hand at some cooking.

It worked for me. Enough to take me out of the hole I was in. My darkened bedroom, so to speak. Out into the world on Sunday evening. The husband and I went out for a walk. And what a day we picked.




Panjim really put up a good show for us (see VC’s pictures here)! And somehow I was beginning to feel all better again.

14 thoughts on “I <3 Panjim moments #84026, #84027 and #84028

  1. That line about your husband staring at the ipad mini completely reminded me of my dunderbrain. He wants to buy ANOTHER Nintendo 3DS so he and I can play Mario Kart while waiting at the airport. I have never ever shown interest in playing handheld console games with somebody else (I play alone before bed) AT AN AIRPORT in all my life. Men are so weird.


    1. Oh so totally get that.. Talk about weird priorities no? How do their brains work in such weird ways..
      That said though, I bet he thinks the same about me wanting to spend saturday morning making beds, for example. I can almost see the imaginary thought bubblethat says “WTF!” hover over his head when I say its what I WANT to do..


      1. Haha I told him that I’m going to do 1 no-clean week where I don’t pick up any of his shit. The catch is, I won’t tell him which week it is. I don’t think he’ll care. It’s not like I love cleaning either…i just hate being in dumb messes that are so easy to not make. The funny thing is, he has clean obsessions. For example, the floor/carpet, his guitars (obviously) and other gear, his jeans and his dogs.


        1. Its the same with me. Just yesterday I was telling him that just because I like living in neat and tidy spaces doesnt mean I Love to clean and would like to spend entire days doing it. Its just easier to be organised I think..and frankly even if the hubs takes care of his guitars and dogs and jeans, its better than VC. who couldnt be bothered about anything. He doesnt mind the mess, he tells me so. Im travelling over the coming weekend, and dreading coming back to a home thats left to his antics!


          1. Haha..that last line..I said the same thing to Matt over the weekend. We’ll be coming there in December and my plan is to stay on for longer while he comes back. My depression about leaving Goa coupled with me walking through the door when I come back is just driving me nuts. We really torture ourselves over the silliest of things.


            1. Hehe we really do! sometimes I wish he wasted some brainspace on similar worries about me, but they know better. We’re the mother hen sex of the lot.. doomed. and youre ocming here in Dec? We MUST bake!


            1. R

              Haha. I wanted to also remind you of the last time you came back from a holiday and the house was spic and span? Remember? Remember? :D


    1. Hah, Id kill for some cold weather right now. Its so sodden hot, one can almost never get out and hope for a glorious evening like Sunday was.. Ah, the grass is always greener on the other side I s’pose!


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