Before the moment has gone

Bright ideas. They creep up on me tauntingly, at the oddest time of day. Like the other day, when that genius thought that’s been dodging me for weeks now, finally decided to strike home, at exactly the same moment I had my fingers soaked in sticky bread dough goop. Or the time I wanted to suddenly eat BR’s new Belgian chocolate flavour and decided to have it delivered home. Except, it was past midnight. Then there was the time I suddenly wanted to wear the new dress that’s been stowed away in a corner of my cupboard for weeks now. But for the tiny part about my legs sporting a neat little two-week stubble mini forest, the kind even my boho self couldn’t bear to ignore, it was a super idea. Just badly timed. Also, the day I decided I would make palak paneer for dinner because I had two bunches of the freshest palak. I proceeded with alacrity and went through the prep at top speed, only to realise at the very end that the brightly coloured packet in the back of my freezer was actually frozen corn and not paneer.

Multiple self-face-palm moments are becoming quite the norm here. It is like my head has a life of its own. I have to then swat various ideas, before they take on the gargantuan proportions of that Monster in my Head, occupying every inch of bandwidth in my tiny brain, leaving no room for some real, productive thinking.

I have to push it far into the rear end of my priorities, for fear of it turning into a stuck record that cannot move forward until I’ve banged out that idea that was bursting in my mind. Or I’ve gone waxing and worn that damned dress. Or gotten a brain freeze from that delicious ice cream. Or I’ve re-made that palak paneer. Ahem, with the paneer, this time. Exhausting. So a couple of nights ago when the thoughts of that Vietnamese Iced Coffee came to me late one night, as I lay thinking up new ways to cool off, because the AC is just not cutting it anymore, I knew I was doomed. I knew that the thoughts of tiny globules of condensed milk laced with dark coffee shooting upwards out of a straw, into my mouth would haunt me until I actually went to said cafe and got myself some.

The upside is one serving of that coffee was bound to shake me out of this summer lethargy. One drink would calm and cool me down for a few hours at least. And it couldn’t have come at a better time. Just when I am beginning to tear my hair out wondering just how much hotter it can possibly get. But there’s nothing I could do about the idea then. When all of Panjim around me was fast asleep.

Once again the thought hangs around, floating about at the fringes of my mind, at a time when I really needed not to think about what I cannot have. . Hogging mindspace, like a constant reminder of a wish unfulfilled. A craving unsatiated. A summer-harassed body deprived. An overheated mind, un-caffeinated.

Sometimes though, at the most opportune moment thoughts like this leap forth from the back of your mind, and turn into large impossible-to-ignore ideas that cannot be pushed away any longer. I wait for those moments, the most. At 4 pm one afternoon last week. I took off and went back to an old haunt. Because there’s nothing like a thought that’s acted upon immediately. Like giving into a craving, unthinkingly.

Iced coffee, check.


Almost-forgotten idea now put down on paper, check.


Bright ideas. Some times, creep up on me tauntingly, at the oddest time of day. And sometimes, the timing just couldn’t be more perfect.


14 thoughts on “Before the moment has gone

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  2. Tell me about it.
    And I do love how you’ve put all those epic facepalms into words!
    And like everyone who has set eyes on it,I’m loving the pweety blue notebook.:)


  3. Ohh that Vietnamese coffee! I fell in love with it when we were there a few years back – we drank it hot, without the ice and even brought back the drip filter to make our own. A great idea :)


    1. Lucky you. I have to go to the only cafe in Panjim that serves it, and pay through my nose for what is essentially freshly brewed coffee served on the rocks with a swirl of condensed milk. Silly, really!


  4. I have this large shaker in which I can add around 750 ml.. The first thing I do after getting back from work is either make iced coffee or iced tea in it.. With a whole tray of ice…

    You’re not the only with those facepalm moments.. :D

    and the journal/diary/book looks awesome with its blue pages.. Where did you get it? Can i order online?


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