Summery shenanigans

April passed me by in a blur. Quite frankly, I can’t remember one noteworthy or memorable thing that happened. I don’t know if you could tell, but I was largely unhappy and irritable right through the month and I feel like the whole time was spent procrastinating, cribbing, feeling generally low on energy, sweaty and rather turd-like. It started with the unbelievable heat (which by the way, I am not done whining about), and then the botched holiday, several failed attempts at finding the kind of work I want to do, one too many meetings with the average idiot looking to hire a “content writer”, that weird PMS like feeling that refused to go away, then the procrastination and the need to just stay in bed and never get out. And somewhere down the line it just slid further down until all I wanted to do was go home for the weekend that I had planned to be away, and come back to a fresh start.

Which is just what happened. I’ve realised that when some part of my life is out of whack, either my routine, or my work, or my state of mind, or my exercise schedule, or my ability to stay on top of multiple things, it has a ripple effect on most other things. So even if most parts are working alright, if just one thing is amiss, chances are everything will snowball into a giant mass of misery.

I know, its wretched. I am a creature of habit and like things to move a certain way. A little off here and there is okay, but any major, unexpected changes throw me completely off track. In that respect, April was top-class fuckery at its best. It was the month the aliens abducted me and sneaked in a grouchy person in my place. A month I wish I could wipe out and re-do, and do well. But the good news is May has been like hitting reboot.

Things are moving. Small changes and their ripple effects. Work has fallen into a rhythm. A couple of small, but new projects have reared their heads. I’m hopeful about finding more work up my alley, and I am also drawing out plans for newer things. Even better, I’m acting on them.

In April, I cooked to survive. I was uninspired and it showed. This month I already feel a renewed sense of energy. I am thinking about my meals, as opposed to wandering into the kitchen and thoughtlessly putting things together, to just get it done. Yes, its still hot as hell. My bum is still sweaty all the time. The kitchen is not a fun place to be. And yes, I’m not done cribbing about it. But I have been cooking! A fair bit of shenanigans have ensued and I am now officially counting down days till the monsoon hits us.

What have I been up to? A lot actually, I cooked a fair bit…

idleeee pizza ap

But I didn’t have the energy or the enthusiasm to blog about it all. What I did write about though, are these things…

The last thing I baked, over ten days ago OMG, was a loaf of mint and coriander masala bread to take home for my lovelies in Bangalore. Yes, its the same original masala bread recipe, repurposed with mint and coriander this time. Specks of caramelized onion take this up a notch and it was devoured with gusto in Bangalore, despite being refrigerated and turning a bit dense by the time it got to them.

VC cooked himself some fancy fish thingies when I was away, and greeted me with brand new enthusiasm, when I got back. “I want to cook more often,” he said. And so we have decided to make it a more regular feature on weekends. This past weekend we made this veggie lasagne with aubergines, mushrooms and babycorn and it was fa-ha-bu-lous!

When the heat got totally unbearable a few nights ago, I abandoned all plans to “cook” and whipped up some aamras and pooris in no time at all. I think the mango OD has officially peaked in this household. So help us God.

I’m also still turning to yoghurt in all its forms to calm and cool me down. Lassi done, smoothies done, raitas are done over and over, buttermilk is a permanent fixture. And then I made this cold yoghurt curry for lunch yesterday and I just know it will be oft-repeated here on.

Summery shenanigans have commenced after a month of wretchedness. I just thought I’d let you know.


15 thoughts on “Summery shenanigans

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  3. Where exactly do you find husbands who say those magic words ‘ i want to cook more often’?? i would like to trade in mine for one of those please.

    I’ve meaning to try out your bread recipes forever…but the yeast always lets me down! where do I find the yeast of my dreams….do you recommend any particular brand?


    1. Im not trading my husband for any other!

      And about the yeast, i use an unbranded bakers yeast sourced from crawford market in bombay. It had never failed me. However you can try storebought yeast (i was recently told tesco is selling really good yeast) you can find it in any slightly highend supermarkets. Things to remember as to keep the yeast in a dry airtight container and in the fridge so it doesnt die.


      1. not yours not yours! :) just another of that variety :)

        i found fresh yeast here in nilgiris….think i should give it a try. The other highend stores here had super-expensive stuff!


        1. I have never used “fresh” yeast, so let me know how it works. However do store it in a airtight container, as yeast does lose life when left in the open.
          As for high end stores, I think yeast is a good thing to invest in if youre keen on making bread often. It makes ALL the difference in a good loaf of bread. WHat brand did you see? As far as I know yeast shouldnt be that expensive.


    1. No boca negra :( I was actually saving that up to make for my own birthday (yes im the girl that bakes herself a cake :P) but it was too darn hot. And I hink aside from the bread and one loaf of tea cake, I havent baked anything last month. The lasagne I made was a good run with baking, so maybe I should give the cake a shot. Im just waiting for the next “occasion” so I dont end up eating it all by myself!


  4. Can identify with the first part of the blog very well because there are days I feel the same and the second part made me awfully hungry :) Keep the food (for?) and thought coming.



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