Another look at what’s cooking

Remember how I told you the last thing I baked was ten days since the day I posted that post with fooding updates? A good three weeks passed before I could get myself to move oven-wards. This is probably my equivalent of a dry-spell. And we know those are just no good when they last too long.

Summer is turning out to be way more evil than I imagined. It’s done it all now. Given me a moody spell, driven me batshit crazy, made me have a meltdown or two, bring me down to tears, made me run my AC for 13 hours straight yesterday and keep me away from baking. And of course I had to break that jinx. We can’t let summer get away with all of that now, can we?

So I took the easy way out. And made 5-minute mug cakes. In my microwave.

Mug cake

Hah, take that you beastly, horrid, ghastly, harrowing summer. Take that. With a scoop of ice cream, for good measure.

Yesterday, amidst staying in my 16-degree cocoon of coolness, I poked my head out and decided enough was enough. I cannot let the weather render me motionless, lying still in bed, with a precariously positioned AC draught artificially bringing body temperatures down. I needed a bit of happiness to bring some energy back into my fast-sapping body. And I did it with these fruit-overload banana and mango breakfast muffins.


Summer fruit, breakfast and dessert. 3 birds, 1 stone. Me likey.

Through the weeks I’ve also steadily been cooking (and melting away on the side). It has been humid, and being in the kitchen often means emerging at the other side, in a pool of my own sweat. But what can I say, I have a cohabitant who needs to be fed. And feed him, I did.

Zingy South-Indian spiced pepper chicken.

photo 5

Mavinkai Chitranna, which for you non-Kannadiga peeps, is a spicy raw mango, mint and coconut rice.


And when he went off on his travels a few days ago, I made myself my version of happy food. The kind that makes him curl his nose away in disdain. Overpowered by the wonder of kasuri methi, I made dal, potatoes and rice. And called it a day.


What else does one need?

Er, some rain, maybe?

Right now is a perfect time for some change in weather. So if you’re listening Rain Gods, I’m done. I’m done sweating it out like this. Its been four harsh months. So please do it for me, my kitchen and my cooking mojo. Can I tempt you with the promise of soups, bread and warm desserts?

2 thoughts on “Another look at what’s cooking

  1. Although we’re only getting the summer in fits and bursts here, the food looks gorgeous! I made the cake in a cup and it was dangerously good. I might have to stop keeping the ingredients at home just so that access to chocolatey goodness is not so easy and quick!


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