Hello, Mr Rain, I’ve missed you so much

The weekend was beyond hard to get through. And if you thought I had cribbed enough, you should be glad you didn’t witness my epic cribs on Sunday, when I spent most of the day in my bedroom, doors and windows shut, a/c turned down to 16 degrees. And I stayed there till 7 pm.

I prayed and hoped that this was the worst of it, the last spike, before a good long shower comes to wash it all down. I vowed that the first showers would have me out running in the rain. And yesterday evening, I sat in my balcony watching the skies turn crazy shades of pink and orange like I haven’t seen in a long while now. I just knew it was time.


The moment arrived a little past midnight, last night. And I was up watching The Big Bang Theory when I saw a flash of lightning set my window aglow. Even through the sheer curtains and over the hum of the air-conditioner, I could tell the weather was changing outside. The thunder followed soon. And as both got quicker and louder, I found it hard to get myself to sleep. So when the first drops hit the ground past midnight, I half contemplated running out for a bit, and keeping my promise to myself. But better sense prevailed, and I told my frail heart that was trembling with joy to calm down.

As predicted, I woke up to a morning veiled in tiny droplets. A fresh breeze smacked me in the face and it the best of it is here. Its official; you’re not going to have me cribbing about the summer anymore.

hello, rain

Its time. To open up all the windows.

Bring out the raincoats and rain pants. Find the cozy adda for the season. And to watch life change, as it already has. This morning when I dropped the hugsband to work (yes, his bike will now be more or less rendered useless till September), I saw umbrellas open, colourful raincoats and galoshes on the kids. Yes, can you tell we’re all desperate for  good long hard rain?

It’s time to kick-start the rainy playlist. Though, I must confess I have cued it in a little ahead of time this year. Every monsoon this track is played approximately 36940289 times. Its a wonder my mp3 track hasn’t worn out already. Somewhere in the recesses of the monsoon archive on this blog, I’m sure it has made an appearance already, but here it is again. Because its what I have on repeat right now.

It’s time to marvel at the clouds. The dramatic transformation from summer to pre-monsoon and finally full-blown rain. The clouds go berserk, and I can hardly keep up with the gorgeousness of it all.

It’s time for the clean skies, clear washed out air. And a crazy sea. I looked out on my way back home this morning and it was a murky brown, with death waves crashing on the shore.


It’s amazing how we do so much to get through a horrid summer. Multiple cold showers, air-conditioned comforts, milkshakes, ice-cream, several dozen litres of buttermilk and lemonade, light airy summer clothes, and we think we have it in control. But the truth is the summer has played me right to its tunes this year. So little was really in my control, and I pretty much succumed and accepted defeat. And just when I began to feel like I couldn’t take it anymore, the rain has swooped in. One downpour is all it took to bring some relief.

The winds have made a dramatic return. The hotbox that was my home, now has a cool cross-breeze flowing right through it. The light is gorgeous outside. When I woke up this morning, I could have cried tears of joy.

It’s time to plan movie screenings and projector parties, long drives to secret island hideaways, seek out the odd restaurant serving river fish, go to the beach some day too. I can’t wait.

I’m contemplating a third cup of chai and feeling my heart brim with relief. The first few showers are like tantalising teasers. Washing everything clean, leaving the smell of wet-earth lingering in the air, like a teasing sign of what is to come. It’s only when the first big downpour hits us that the moment sinks in. The monsoons are here to stay and turn our lives around for the next 4-odd months.

But it’s officially here. I’m going to move from cribbing about the summer to waxing eloquent over and over and over about the monsoon. I can feel it in my bones, I really can.


29 thoughts on “Hello, Mr Rain, I’ve missed you so much

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  3. It rains here practically every week. But after reading this post I realised how much I miss the swollen skies that appear after a terribly long summer….sigh


        1. Summer sulking was out of control this year. Even I am ashamed to say, I didnt recognise my sulky self for the most part. Lets not go there. Im just glad its over and everything is nicer now at a blissful 24 degrees.


  4. I am going to miss Mumbai Monsoon :(
    And the joy of getting an unexpected holiday because it poured like cats and dogs and brought the infrastructure to a standstill. It drizzles here all the time, but nothing quite dramatric like Mumabi. :(


    1. Our monsoon is pretty much the same. Torrential, in long bursts and brings life to a slow down :) What part of NZ are you in? I have a friend who just got married and moved there too!


      1. The Capital, Wellington. Wellington is notorious for its windy weather.
        It rained hailstones here yesterday. And It was just soo cold, had 3 layers on plus scarf plus socks plus gloves :P
        Wow what part has your friend moved to?


        1. I heard about the cold wave yesterday, thats when it registered that my friend had mvoed there, atcually :) She lives in Christchurch. How far is it from you? I’d hook you guys up if its close enough..


          1. Oh Christchurch, that’s in South Island. NZ has two Islands, North and South. The husband was in Christchurch before the wedding. Wellington is on the tip of North Island.
            South Island is very very scenic, says the husband. Christchurch is the same city that crumpled in an earthquake couple of years ago. And if your friend is new there and has nothing to do, I can imagine how bored or lost she must be. There is not much to go around in the city per se, but there are scores of beautiful places to visit nearby…like weekend getaways. If she has any plans of visiting wellington anytime soon, you sure may hook us up. Or even if she needs any help :)


            1. I will ask her and link you guys up.. She is working on her PhD, so Im sure she has enough to keep her occupied, but its always nice to know another person in a new place..


  5. ugh ugh ugh THIS is why it’s so FREAKING HUMID!!! ARGH! i cannot deal if shit delhi monsoon weather is going to kick in in MAY not july! =(
    but yay for you =)


    1. Wait, Delhi is humid? Isnt that strange for you guys? Delhi summer is usually dry no?
      Your monsoon is some time away right? And we’re too far away to affect you guys Im sure!
      But down here it is a byootee right about now.


      1. well im HYPERSENSITIVE to humidity thanks to growing up in hyd–which is why i can’t deal with coastal cities. yesterday was a llittle humid but it’s reverted to dry again today thank GOD. and yes, summer is dry but once the rain starts, instead of becoming beautiful and cool it becomes steamy and humid. blech. i can’t WAIT for october!


          1. yeah i know its one fo the reasons i DONT like the beach! yes yes i are coming. i will inform when plans are finalized, but at the moment its 20-21 sept and then ill stay a couple of days if i can


  6. Thats such a contrasting view to my view of the rains..but I loved it :)

    Amma was saying it rained yesterday in Goa and she is happy too :) Respite from a horribly hot summer were her words!


    1. Yes the far corners of Goa had sporadic rain over the last few days, I think last night was the first big shower for the season. Even now its light, yet to come down properly. But anyone who has suffered this summer would know how welcome this is, and how this is just the start :)


    1. The smell of wet earth and the immediate happiness at the first rain. Id like to bottle them both up as reminders of how happy it makes me. Because in a few months Im going to be feeling very differently :P


  7. Meera Parameswaran

    Lol…thank god it rained in Goa! :P Even though the heat was kind of same in Kerala, after reading your rain thirsty posts, I really hoped it rained there, whether it rained here or not! :P
    Just kidding!

    We were blessed with rain a couple of days before you and it rained continuously for almost 12 hours to our joy! The first shower after the summer heat is always welcomed with open arms. Wait until its raining cats and dogs 24 X 7 and soon I will be cursing the rain just like the summer! :D

    BTW, loved the second pic! <3


    1. Oh yes, by August I’ll be tearing my hair out with piles of half-dried laundry all around me :) and I’ll be begging for the clouds to part and give me some sunshine. But for now, Im happeeee.


  8. R

    That toe- curling sense of happiness that only rains can bring? Sigh. I am half- tempted to take off to Kerala and chase the rains. I can almost feel/see/smell/ hear it, da.


    1. Yes.. every year I think my interest/excitement in the coming of the rain will wane, given its been so many years now and in a few months I will be complaining about it.. But every single May has been the same. I wait like an eager child, and when it comes, I get ecstatic like a child. There is ntohing like the rain. Maybe if I lived somewhere where the weather was less extreme, and more plateaued out, I’d feel differently. But the seasons here are almost planned in a way to make us eager and long for the rain. And when it comes it is such a welcome respite.


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