Because the rain has come again

And just like that, the monsoon has slipped in. Taking us from waking up and peeling our sweaty selves off our pillows, to tugging at our blankets at the crack of dawn to escape the definite chill in the air.

Waking up to grey skies and glossy trees
Waking up to grey skies and glossy trees

Every morning begins with the ritual of opening out the balcony doors, peeking at the weather, predicting what the day will be like and then proceeding to either be chuffed with the rain, or resort to praying that the overcast skies bring some rain.

Saturday mornings spent chasing rain clouds and unsuspecting pedestrians, because they make good pictures
Saturday mornings spent chasing rain clouds and unsuspecting pedestrians, because they make good pictures

But I’m happy to report that as of Friday, it’s officially pissing down on us in Goa. We had some rain in fits and starts at the start of the month. The full force of the coastal monsoon has only just begun and just like it does every year, it makes me marvel at how come June, the weather changes. bang on schedule. Altering the landscape, changing the texture of the air, mixing up hues in the light, and basically refreshing everything around me.

Fighting the urge to go to the beach, after an afternoon spent working at the cafe
Fighting the urge to go to the beach, after an afternoon spent working at the cafe

I have never been more acutely aware of my surroundings and the environment, than I have been in Goa. Somehow if affects me more than it did earlier. I’ve savour the cooler days and cherish the rainy ones, as much as I rave and rant about the oppressively hot days. If the summer saw me holed up at home, depressed and sweaty, the monsoon has seen me making up for it by spending too much time outdoors, taking it all in.

Running errands are also kind of entertaining now
Running errands is also kind of entertaining now

The trademark over-saturated green paddy fields are back and I’ve already become greedy for the views, the breeze, the drops of rain. The little bursts of sunshine we have in between, make me whine and check with the husband, “Why is it sunny again?!!”

Green, green, green everywhere
Green, green, green everywhere, making me stop at street corners to snap pictures

With the coming of the rain, inspiration has come back full swing. Baking, cooking two meals, even getting work done on time! When I’m not sitting in the balcony for approximately 395287 hours watching the rain, let it be known that I have been cooking. All kinds of things. Loving the market jaunts that have my feet soaked wet. Baking and delivering cakes that were ordered. Taking lunch time too seriously. The works, basically.


What’s the monsoon without some chai? Here’s my “recipe” for a nice stiff cup of cardamom, ginger, cinnamon tea. Some times soon I’ll post a recipe for the perfect accompaniment to go with it. I’m just waiting for a horribly rainy day to feel like I really deserve it.

The poor husband is at the receiving end of all my enthusiastic kitchen acrobatics. And sometimes that means he has to be tricked into eating things he couldn’t care for. Like bhindi raita!

But I make up for springing those surprises on him with dessert. Lots of dessert. Will a slice of sinfully dense, dark chocolate-y boca negra do? What if I topped it with a mango and lime compote?

Some times though, I don’t have the patience or the time for something as elaborate as that. So quick-fix desserts usually hit the spot. In addition to a dangerously high number of mug cakes that we have been making, these mini chocolate tarts were also made and decimated all too soon.

Every year I wonder if the coming of the rain will cease to excite me. I wonder when it will just become an ordinary turn of events, seeing as how it happens every single year, right on time. But come June, the same wonder returns. And with it comes the same renewed enthusiasm and zest for life.

What have you been up to? Is it raining in your neck of the woods yet?

25 thoughts on “Because the rain has come again

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  2. What glorious pics! I am a total sucker for the rain..feeling bad in sunny weather and waiting for the next heavy downpour – that is so me!

    Battling the rain in Mumbai is not always easy. Trains slow down or stop moving, there are jams on the road, there is muck and people are grumpy. Getting home from work is a challenge, but despite all of that – I love the rain!

    Reading your post lifted my spirits and made me happy. Very happy. Thank you.


  3. I love the rains, it has the ability to make everything look new and fresh and green. It is a marvel that I will enjoy for eternity, I hope. I miss the mitti ki khusboo, though, that you get back home and seeing the sea rage in the monsoons :(


  4. Meera Parameswaran

    How can you write so well?! Its like free-flow. I don’t mean just this post but I got some free time at office and was reading some random posts on your blog and I was awed!
    I want to write like this too! Eeeee! :P

    Any tips? I know that’s hard but who knows you might do great at that too!

    I am not just your follower. You now have a fan. :)


  5. Beautiful Pictures… I miss that unexpected holiday that comes with heavy downpour in Mumbai and where life is forced to a standstill. The whole summer experience makes you love the whole rain experience more. Without summer, rain wouldn’t feel the same way.


  6. I’ve loved keeping Goa in the rains a secret especially amongst my Bombay-wala friends. I think the poor place has enough grief in the latter part of the year. Doesn’t matter these days though…people in their Chevrolet Taveras and Trax jeep things will keep coming all through the year. It sure is a precious season. I hope the farmers get not too much and not too little of sky.


    1. I have to admit iv started behaving like a local these days. Giving dirty glares to noisy troops of tourists who chuck paper out of their taveras, or who come to panjim instead of just staying the fuck on in baga. These days theres barely any difference in the season-off-season scene, its so sad.


  7. Wow I’ve had an unbelievably similar week here in Bangalore! Sans the same kind of greeny green you seem to be surrounded by. Pics on my last post are grey not your greens .. all that smoke and grey air still doesn’t take the charm off the monsoon onset though. Feels like Bangalore just pressed the brakes on life since the rains started. The roads and the traffic seem to be so much saner than ever before and people just seem to be so casually hanging around like they have nothing to do unlike the crazy hot April that went by! So I’m with you with how it made you feel. It truly helped me recover from a rather brutal month. Love the bhindi raita btw .. and I’ve been OD-ing on warm gooey muffins of any kind I can put together with cups of chai or Stella directly reflecting on how the day with Little A goes. :) Cheers!


      1. Not yet .. I can’t seem to get myself to make the fruity ones I’m too big a fan of the veggie cheesy ones to give the the fruity ones a try but I think it’s about time I give your mango one a try before they go out of season! I’ll get on it then!


  8. maidinmalaysia

    what beautiful pictures of the rain… i used to love the rainy days in kuala lumpur, very very much.
    and it used to rain slowly, beautifully, slowly…

    and i remember how the trees outside my condo made the rain look breath-taking. i used to listen for the deep-voiced thunder in the backdrop and watch a steady even shower from the heavens.
    i now live in chennai.


    1. The rain in KL sounds really inviting :) I think living somewhere that is used to this sort of heavy monsoon, or where life is incomplete without daily rain (like in Singapore) definitely changes peoples natures too. I find Goans to be much calmer and neutral about things in general, and I am pretty sure the weather (hard sunshine for the most part and a few months of monsoon that totally humbles you) has a lot to do with it.


      1. maidinmalaysia

        i agree with you…

        i used to tell people that the rain in malaysia was important to put on their must-see list along with genting or the twin tower.

        rain in chennai is mostly comedy…you forget to be humbled because you know that the storm water drain can get mixed up with the drainage — and things can turn smelly in that street

        here are rain photos from chennai that make an ouchie contrast to your goa ones.


        1. Hahaha, well I couldnt compare chennai and goa :D much like I tell die-hard bangaloreans who love the rain there, that it is not a patch on the kind of lush beauty I have seen here :)

          Your pictures remind me of a 2 day work trip I made to chennai in July 2011. There was a freak thunderstorm, and the roads outside the hotel got totally clogged. People wading, traffic jams for miles and cars breaking down. Needless to say, my colleague and I reached our dinner meeting VERY late..


  9. Totally awesome pics. Monsoon is the time when we shed our inhibitions and live life freely. The sexiest and romantic weather in India where we just gotta get drenched in the rain water:)


  10. shutupshutup. yesterday the AIR WAS LIQUID. and i spent 8 hours in the kitchen making dinner for 5 on n induction stove. do not talk to me of monsoon and do not post these jealousyfeeding photos of thick grey clouds!


    1. Hehehe, but joo doesnt like the rain no?!
      It has been liquid here, but of a different kind as you can imagine :P More or less nonstop rain has happened since Friday and Im going mad not wanting to do anything but watch watch watch..


  11. Wow for the pictures and wow for the food options :) I have never been so excited about rains but reading ur wait, excitement and the thrill about rains make me long for them….more so when we are still struggling with the deadly Delhi heat….

    The first picture, is the view from your home? Thts spectacular.


    1. I hear its ridiculously hot in Delhi.. Im sure the rain will be a welcome break after a hard summer, much like it was here :)
      Yes the first picture is the view outside my building, after a night of rain.


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