Life and foodblog updates all in one

(because I’m lazy like that)

I can’t believe it’s been a whole month since the last food post link-up! Really, what have I turned into?! A confused, distracted, lazy ass, is what I’ve turned into. I’ll tell you why. It’s because in between all the existing work, and being approached by some jolly people who proposed more work in an ever-so-vague way that requires me to do their thinking. Along with all of that I’ve been rushing out in the rain to do my reviews. And when I say rain, I mean incessant, bucket-loads of it. And it makes life at home a bit messy too. It’s amazing how the rain manages to disrupt so much, even when you’re safely ensconced indoors. It makes doing laundry a doubly tough task. It creates mildew that calls for frequent airing. Except there is no air to speak off. Not dry air, at least. So everything that is essentially just a task, takes double the time and effort. As if that was not enough on my plate already, we’re moving home this weekend and for the last 3 days I’ve been pacing up and down trying to sort things out in my head, so we can plan this move efficiently. The packers will come do their thing on Sunday but between today and then the husband and I will make bazillion trips back and forth to move our smaller belongings. As if that was not drama enough, I’ve upped the frequency of my Zumba lessons and I it has be running off in the rain for a class three mornings a week. Yes, I really love a challenge, don’t I? Some people call it masochism. I say, same difference.

Anyhow, there has been tons to share and write about (where have you heard that one before?) I have stopped in my tracks and started several posts, but it seems that I just do not have the mindspace to sit and finish any of them in peace. My brain is already compartmentalized and stretched in more ways than I can handle at a time, and it has been mighty frustrating, feeling unable to write even when I really want to.

Yesterday I packed away one entire room into cartons. It’s funny how things we hoard, cherish, stack, store and keep turn into meaningless boxed items at various points in life. I balked at how much rubbish I have managed to collect even over the last 3 years of our “sparse” living. Tomorrow, more than half our belongings will be out of here. This home we have created will begin to get bare and the new one that is a vast empty shell, will begin to fill up. And on Sunday we will move lock, stock and barrel to begin chapter 2 in our lives in Goa.

I’m excited about new beginnings, albeit a little stressed about getting it all up and running in record time. For one, we’re moving into a house. This is a big step for someone like me, who has always only ever lived in apartments. But it comes with its perks. An outhouse, some garden space, the peace and quiet of a residential layout and hopefully nicer neighbours.

So while my home and life is in a state of disarray, I haven’t felt collected and together enough to sit and do constructive things. Like read in peace. Like blog and finish every draft I begin. Like reply to emails. Actually even just staying online long enough to finish my work has been a challenge. There is always something else that needs to get done and my time online has been relegated to the snatches I find here and there.

I haven’t been cooking with too much gusto either. A combination of trying to finish up what’s in my kitchen/pantry before we move, combined with not feeling very settled and having the space to do my thing. But when I realised its been so long since I liked up the cooking, I decided now was a good time to catch up.

Mangoes! Remember them? I don’t. Seems like the last one I ate was aeons ago. With the weather doing a dramatic turn on us, we wished the last of the mangoes farewell last month with these whole wheat pancakes topped with chunks of mango.


If you still have them in your part of the world, try it. Or else, pretty much any other fresh fruit will work. The beauty was really in the whole wheat pancakes, and the fruit is an added bonus!

And since I am the queen of cooking rice several meals in a row (because its so dang easy and quick) I am also constantly looking up ways to make plain old rice/pulao interesting.

methi coconut rice

So there was this methi and coconut masala rice I made some time ago which was yummy.

Of course when I OD on rice, I am also battling leftovers all the time.

tomato rice

So I whipped up this tomato masala rice which is an excellent way to use up that annoying bit of day-old rice that you don’t know what to do with.

You know what goes best with masala rice, right? Raita! Except I decided to go pink.


And I made beetroot raita. Pink raita. Nuff said, yeah?

But what’s life without any dessert? It was one of many profusely rainy days some time ago, when I was reading F-Word curled up in bed, and I chanced upon this recipe for whole wheat halwa.


Instant salivation combined with the thought of a warm bowl of halwa in my hands to combat the never-ending rain outside made me put the book down immediately and go and make it! I suggest you try it too.

So go take a look. Make something fun. I’m off to eat my leftover and once-recycled sambar rice. And then lift cartons that weigh as much as I do. Sniffle. I’m going to be MIA for a bit. From here, the food blog and probably facebook too.

Until normal programming resumes again, adios!

14 thoughts on “Life and foodblog updates all in one

  1. Congratulations, wow you are moving into a house! I am living in a house first-time-ever since last few months, and it’s a completely different experience. I hope you are able to do everything beautifully as soon as possible and free you mind of all the worries, so that you can come on wordpress more so often. Like they say here all the time… Cheers!


  2. congratulations on moving to a new home! :)
    I’ve never lived in a house (except during my vacations to India). It’s always been apartments for me.

    It should be a good experience! You’ll have so much fun with a garden! I’m thinking vegetable garden and seasonal recipes! :D

    All the best!


  3. R

    My only consolation this entire week has been that work has kept me mad busy too, so I didn’t mind your online absence much. Quickly move off so regular programming can resume, I say! :)
    I hope the move happens, hassle- free. Keep everything rain- proofed, ok?


    1. I hope it happens hassle free too. God knows I cant take this unsettledness any longer. For four days iv been in the midst of boxes and rubbish strewn all around. I just realised its stupid that im trying to do this all alone.


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