Because nesting is testing

Does dancing in the rain count as a valid bath for the day? I’m asking because today we ran out of water. And by that logic, would sprinkling detergent on my fast piling up dirty laundry and placing it out on the balcony to get drenched in the rain count as doing the laundry? Because IFB has the stinkiest after sales service and the dumbest customer care officials on the planet. Because umpteen phone calls and yelling sessions, spread over four days, is apparently not enough to get a simple washing machine installation done. Would it help if I just didn’t clean the house of all the saw dust, wood chips, bits of insulation tape and what not, for the next few days and just do it once and for all when the troops of workers are all finally done with my home? Because every time I tidy something up, Murphy ensures that someone shows up to mess it up again. And he’s so methodic about it! I scrubbed the loo down, and we discovered the faucets were faulty. In came the plumbers with their grubby feet, splish-sploshing on my wet floor, walking about the house, leaving trails behind them. I unpacked the kitchen, stacked things, scrubbed the platform clean and felt very pleased with myself. Except the carpenter then came in to install the shelves we belated realised we needed. He climbed on top of the platform. And left what looked like alien footprints all over it. I unpacked my linen, the limited warm stuff we own and some boxes labelled MISC and stacked them into my now spare Godrej almirah. And then when I shut it, I realised the leveling was all effed up in transit, so I called the guys in to re-level it for me. They arrived promptly and after 20 minutes of fixing various things, just when I thought it was all fixed and done, asked me to empty out two shelves (the fullest ones, mind you) so they could check something.

Nesting is testing.

Its been four days since we moved, and we took off to a great start (the sun came out and the rain held out for the two days that we were actually moving our things! and we had SO MUCH help from able and not so able friends alike, who all pitched in wholeheartedly with all the heavylifting. I don’t know how we’d have managed without that!) with the moving. The optimist in me had planned to systematically unpack over the week, and have the house set up by Friday (tomorrow). But of course the universe has other plans. This move is turning out to be a true test of my patience, resilience, endurance and stomach muscles. Patience because everything is happening at a slow, Goan pace, quite unlike my own. Resilience because I am watching workers stomp around the house every time I clean it up, only to take me right back to where I started. Endurance because I don’t have house help as yet and I am unpacking and cleaning up side by side. And all of this makes me very, very hungry. Except I have no working kitchen. My cook top is bigger than my kitchen platform, and needs some jugaad to fix it. Therefore my stomachis being tested to the max too. No food to munch on between meals, and lots of restaurant food to fix quick meals.

So instead of systematically unpacking in a zen manner over 4-5 days, I have proceeded to unearth a brand new issue in the house every single day, punctuated by lots of cursing and cussing (fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck) and a meltdown or two (whatnonsense, goddamit, thisissuchrubbish, isservicedeadinthiscountry!).

You know they say when it rains, it really pours? I have now officially faced the full brunt of that. Its pissing down cats and dogs outside, the PWD is fucking up the street outside with a 100-tonne JCB drilling mega holes into the asphalt, which feels like they’re being drilled into my brain. All this, with carpenters, glass-frosters, plumbers, cupboard-fixers, Aquaguard installers and all and sundry traipsing in and out of my home.

Nesting is testing.


This was the living room on Monday morning. The husband and I took no time at all to do it up in a couple of hours on Sunday evening. Right after 1.5 days of hauling boxes down 4 flights of stairs int he old place and up to the new house. Somehow we unlocked some hidden reserves of energy and enthusiasm to get to it asap.

vc at work

Leftover unpacked boxes, about 30 of them, were pushed into the study and forgotten for the next 24 hours, until husband recovered from the allergic reaction he had to all the dust and until I could catch my breath again.

That night we managed to stock up the fridge. Beer, before water.


And celebrated homecoming with friends, food and drink.


Monday onwards, I spent my time setting things in order. A challenge I love. I just wish there weren’t so many interruptions, so things would actually go to plan.


Nesting is testing. Its showing me once again that nothing really does go to plan. And this morning after meltdown #2, I decided I’m just going to let it go. And let it happen when it is meant to.

I kicked back, opened up wordpress, and looked out the balcony.


The view is very different from where I used to be. For one, I’m lower down, closer to ground level. The trees are closer, the rain falls harder, the sounds and voice from the street drift in. And for the first time, I registered the fact that its kind of gorgeous.

That’s when it sunk in. That I have been so caught up in setting up, getting it right, making it perfect, that I missed the precious little fact that from the moment I’ve stepped in, despite the prolonged state of WIP, the scores of people waltzing in, the issues I still seem to be finding every day, not being able to cook and everything else, I’ve felt at home from the moment go.

Nesting is testing. But I think we’re home now.

47 thoughts on “Because nesting is testing

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  5. Bhakti

    Although have been reading your blog for sometime, this is the first time I actually write something here.

    Moving house is never easy, whether it is in the same city or elsewhere. However, I must appreciate the efforts that have gone into setting up the new home. It looks very inviting. You must put up new pictures of the house and your neighbourhood, whenever you are up for it.

    I like the curtains, they make the living room so attractive. Where have you picked them up from? Goa itself? and I also want to know, where is the wardrobe from? I have been looking for a wardrobe for long, but haven’t been able to lay my hands on something like this.

    Hope to connect with you more often.


    1. The curtains are from fabindia. My only option of getting simple, plain cotton stuff. Given fabindias shady quality control these days though, im not sure of their durability at all. Time will tell.

      The wardrobe was made by the house owner. We took it from him :)


  6. That is such a gorgeous house! And what a glorious view. You know, it’s been over 2 months since we moved and I still haven’t arranged the wardrobes and closets. Everything is just dumped in. With a job that keeps me in office from early morning until late night, I feel exhausted each time I think of sorting out the mess.

    I felt a pang the moment I saw your neatly arranged closet. Pang of guilt, envy, anger direct at myself. All at once. You, as usual, have inspired me to get my act together.

    Did I already tell you, you have a beautiful home? :)


    1. I probably wouldnt be able to get my act together if I had a full time job either. Even without a job it took me a whole week to settle things, and there are still some odds and ends to be looked into. But I am the kind of person who cannot function unless there is a some semblance of order, so it had to be done, one way or another!


  7. Sarah Syed

    You are so unlike me .. Those necessary renovations would have served me a great excuse for a few weeks. We came back to Egypt two weeks ago and I finished my unpacking and stacking the bedroom stuff like yesterday, but bet that’s all done in perfection :)


    1. Hehe, The delay drove me a bit crazy. More because I was not prepared for it. If I had known there was going to be work going on even after I move, I probably would have taken it easy too..


  8. arundati

    I knew there would be a post today. Let me say what everyone else said.. the house, looks gorgeous… and you will fix things slowly …. i dont know how you manage to make chaos look and sound so good…take care… this weekend should settle things a bit more… 9 yrs in my apt, i have soooo much kachra that it makes me want to cry… i am never moving home for this reason… also, a home is always WIP man, i have lists and lists of things i need to do….


    1. I have already decided i never want to move again hahaha. The kachra sorting, the packing, the unpacking, the fixing of little odds and ends is traumatic. The WIP bit of making a home homely doesnt bother me so much. But moving into a house when the water and electricity arent fully kink free was a bit unsettling. But things are already much better. I cooked lunch for two yesterday and dinner for 6 and it turned out fine :)


  9. Just reading this makes me feel for you. Even though there is no sign of us moving yet I still make “I’ll buy this or that when we move” decisions just because I’m freaking out about packing it all. I never thought I would be this obsessive about things being orderly. Agh monster! I wish you peace.


    1. I think its a phase of life thing. I was always obsessed with order an tidiness but i feel like iv outgrown that phase where I could live like my home is a college dorm. Now i want things to be in their place, i want efficiency and convenience and when I come home at night I want to come back to a home and now just a roof over my head. You know what i mean?


  10. Reshma

    Your house looks lovely :) And i’ve settled 2 houses in 2 months … 1 in Mumbai, 1 in Goa … so I know exactly how it feels ;) At first it’s mighty frustrating … and then you just sigh, sit down, drink the wine and let time take care of the rest. Don’t worry, it gets better :)


  11. Such a lovely nest! :) Looks beautiful !

    For someone who stay put in one place for 20 years, I have moved 3 times in 2 years now. There is so much excitement everytime we move. But then, there is always this feeling of “How and when did I amass so much” each time you pack a box.

    It will all settle down sooner than you know. Enjoy the process! :)


  12. Your living rooms looks gorgeous!! Packing and unpacking bites my nerves as well.. I have been country trotting for the last 2 years and yeah..It would take a couple of months to settle down…


    1. I really admire people like you who bravely move countries. Much as it is exciting im sure it is quite exhausting to settle and uproot and move and resettle so often. I feel the same for fauji families. Hats off. I moved a 10 min distance and by the end was swearing i never want to move again!


      1. No haathi..Its within India only..But from state to state..May be I should I should have phrased it more clearly..Would wish to cross continents as well.Fingers crossed now!


  13. It’s looking gorgeous yo! Finally!

    I’m sure your OCD will never let you think that it’s done! There will always be something to sort, fix, improve and all that. But to me, it looks perfect! Can’t wait to make a plan and visit :P

    Oh and hoping that your new-house luck will rub off on us too!!


    1. Oh yes good luck with that. I dont know about Delhi, btu in Goa finding a house that has everything just the way you need it is near impossible. We got lucky with this one, even though it isn’t purrrrfect. So I hope you have that good luck. But I hope you don’t have the luck we had with teething issues. There is nothing worse than moving in and still having basic things like water and power going wrong!


      1. I meant perfect like home-sweet-home types :) Obviously every single structure in India is problematic – Goa/ Delhi or anywhere else alike!

        But I feel like if you’ve moved house once, you’re definitely not as naive the next time! I’m hoping to have wisened up by the time we figure it out in a couple of months!


  14. congrats Revati for new house. I empathize with you since moving houses can be taxing, especially for a lazy bum like me who normally take 10 days to get things in order. Wow! U have such a beautiful living room and adore the view outside, cheers:)


  15. one more BEAUTIFUL post from you :) I am going to be doing the same thing soon too…but I am kind of looking forward to it and feeling nervous about it at the same time!


    1. It did get to me a but yesterday. Hee. But only because we moved in three weeks later than originally planned just so that verythig would be sorted before we occupied the house. And now we are all back to square one with all these issues still cropping up. Grr.

      And COME! Visit me!


  16. Meera Parameswaran

    I already told you how much I loved that living room !! :)

    I personally love packing and unpacking – so all this seems very exciting to me :D Happy nesting and hope you get everything set-up soon!

    And yeah, its better to take your time than get everything done all at once! Chillax!


    1. “When all else fails, blog it.” is my motto. Im going positively batty today. Ran out fo water mid-potty, brushed teeth at noon, had breakfast, which was actually lunch at 2 and now sitting still without a shower, watching various people potter about the house.. Urgh..

      I havent checked reader in a while.. But no Bride and GB updates?! wahhhhh!


  17. Moving houses sucks big time. I know exactly how you feel. It is a WIP for nearly two months till you properly settle down. I love the look of your house.
    Glad to know you are loving the place. Keep cool and stay calm.


    1. It really does. I skipped the part where we struggled to pack our belongings! Never imagiend that just 3.5 yrs ina place could make us accumulate so much nonsense!


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