Dance, dance

I’ve developed a horrible habit in recent times. Mealtimes are incomplete without a 20 minute segment of mindless entertainment. And in the absence of a television in the home, I turn to downloaded shows, youtube videos, and my rather large collection of cooking shows. It doesn’t have to be something coherent. I usually don’t even need to watch it from start to finish. I just find the first thing that looks interesting and play it for the entire time that I am eating. Sometimes it is a 20 minute section of a movie. I don’t need to know what happens next. I watch it, shut it off when the meal is done and go back to work.

The good thing about sitcoms is they are easy on time. These days anything more than 30 minutes spent watching TV feels like as waste, like a burden. Last week, I randomly picked an episode of Girls and the show is neatly slotted into 20-minute segments. The episode I picked ended like this:

And it made me smile.

Four reasons why.
1) That’s one of my most favourite groovy songs.
2) I’m kind of like Hannah. A song pops up somewhere, I like the sound of it, I break into a random jig at home. Mid-chore. Mid-essay. Mid-shower. Wherever I may be.
3) I’m not the smoothest and classiest dancer around. Least of all when I’m in my own home and nobody is watching. I’m stalky and awkward, my moves are bulky and rough around the edges. Like Hanna’s. But I don’t care.
4) I also have a co-habitor who sometimes walks in on me and laughs. Not at me, but with me.

Like he did on Sunday, when I had a bit of a solo gig going on in the living room. On a post-cleaning-frenzy endorphin rush, I turned on some obscene music. Including tracks like this, this and OMG-I-can’t-believe-I’m-admitting-this-here this and rushed through the entire Zumba sequence. Only to realise ten minutes later that the husband was watching, laughing and attempting to catch it on video.

Yep, this dancing at home for no apparent reason has gotten a little out of control. The Zumba lessons have unlocked some sort of crazy dancing person in me. I don’t need company. I just need a pump-it-up kind of song, and I’m good to go. The wonderful thing about Zumba is its forced me to listen to music that I am otherwise very snooty about. I refused to pay attention to the likes of Pitbull and, Daddy Yankee (say WHAA?) and J.Lo until I was forced to, 8 weeks ago. I’m now a convert. Returning from class and unabashedly googling unimaginative lyrics like “I’m into you, I’m into you, I’m into you” in the hope of finding the song that caught my fancy.

And then I dance.

Here’s some of my new-old discoveries.

But of course I have to balance it out with the fun stuff. Some classics, guaranteed to make me get up and move.

Dance like nobody’s watching, they said. And so I do.

I keep dancing on my own.


23 thoughts on “Dance, dance

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  3. Nisha

    This one’s my all time favorite zumba song –

    I need to watch Girls .. We dont get HBO and so I didn’t catch it on TV – I am wary of starting to watch it now after 2 seasons because I know I wont work, eat, shower until I catch up. That’s how I get when I start a new show … I spent a whole week watching House of Cards and I started to feel like everyone was conspiring against me because that’s all was going on in the show all the time – Ha.


    1. House of cards is also another show iv been told so much about. But i seem to have lost the patience to watch TV in bursts of longer than 20 mins. Its probably some form of ADD!


    1. It had me hooked all thru season 1 and then it got random in season 2, i thought. By the end of season 2 (the season finale actually) i was all meh, this is rubbish!


  4. Can I confess.. one of my things I wish I could do.. is to dance uninhibited.. unfortunately I’m too inhibited, self-conscious.. call it whatever..but I just can’t and I don’t know how to get out of it!! so am envious of you right now!!

    For the past few weeks.. I’ve been hooked onto Scandal..have you seen it??


    1. Okay, have to confess Im only completely dont-give-a-damn uninhibited at the gym and in front of people I know well. So dont envy me :P

      I havent watched scandal. Is it running on TV right now?


  5. Haven’t seen the show ‘Girls,’ but really liked Lena Dunham’s film, ‘Tiny Furniture.’ She wrote, directed, and starred in it at the age of 24. She makes me feel so unaccomplished.

    I wish there was Zumba here in Kerala. Maybe I’ll just have to do youtube Zumba.


    1. I watched tiny furniture soon after i got hooked to girls and liked it. Girls too is mostly written by her, almost completely directed by her. And she plays a lead too.


  6. YOU DIDN’T KNOW EMPIRE STATE OF MIND?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?
    try la duena del swing by los ghermanos rosario. it was the first merengue song i fell hopelessly in love with and i was thrilled to bits when the zumba instructor played it. but then i kept breaking into merengue instead of doing his squats hee


    1. EH poda, im not that gawaar! The last 3 videos are classics, my most loved jig-able tracks :D
      Yes theres a lot of spanish stuff that gets played in between.. of course no hope of ever finding out those tracks cos I dont speak/understand spanish. Whattey pity!


  7. I’ve been captivated by P!NK’s Raise Your Glass ever since they played it at the training session for rock camp (fer girls!) and had a random dance party. Something about women, grrrrls and young ol ladies making awkward and sometimes very smooth body movements reminded me of how much I loved P!NK back back in the day, before I became too proud to admit it. She’s awesome. This entire song is joy.


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