365 done. Many more to go.

Today, is the one year mark to my last working day. The one that sealed the deal on ending full-time career-chasing, and beginning a meandering time of over-indulgent, self-discovery. The day when I walked out of the office with my arms filled with cook-books that my super-duper colleagues had given me as a parting gift.

“Come back every week, with some cake,” one of them said. “Let’s open a bakery,” chipped in someone else, offering me a mock-partnership. And there was even someone who ribbed me about getting myself a push-cart to sell cupcakes from. All in good humor. I laughed and walked out, books in hand. And the year began without a plan. Taking a break, sabbatical, going with the flow — call it what you will, it’s been 365 days of that. A lot has happened. A lot hasn’t. But things have panned out beautifully. The year was never about keeping goals and achievements, it was about doing things. And for that, one year down I am happy, confident and even more sure now than I was 12 months ago, that this was the bestest, rightest thing that could have happened to me.

That’s right. I’m putting the onus out there, because everything that’s happened over the last year literally happened to me. I just took what felt like the right decisions, at what seemed like the right moments, stuck to no particular agenda, and endlessly stuck to doing what I wanted to. Unknown forces and serendipitous twists and turns of events were largely responsible for leading me there here.

So I suppose I could think of it as another serendipitous occurrence that after much hemming and hawing and backing and forthing and fussing and fawning over our brand new website, that we took the lid off and went live, only yesterday.

The husband and I, lying flat about to drift into our Saturday siesta, chuckled to ourselves thinking back to how this has all just taken shape for us. From quiet beginnings, of sitting still so nebulous ideas take shape in your head, before you can catch them mid-flight and put them in words.

To then spending a weekend holed up in my kitchen getting the recipes I wanted to sell, down pat.

And watching VC meticulously slave over the design, moving pixels and making sure everything  was just the way he wanted it to be, and making sounds of approval now and then.

Then struggling to bring words to life so his hard work could shine through.

To realising I must stick with doing what I do best — bake — and leave the rest to VC. Because he is my backbone, my make-it-happen person, the do-er of the two of us, my business developer, marketing head and chief guinea pig all rolled into one.

Giving into the beast that is the social network.

To finally going live yesterday. It’s a fitting representation of everything the last year has been about. Doing something purely for the love of it. Sticking with it and seeing it through. And I found myself feeling ever SO grateful for my parents who have dinned this into our heads, ever since we were in our diapers.

I am SO excited to share it with you. So head on to the brand new Hungry & Excited site! Tell me what you think!

I suppose it is another serendipitous occurrence that after so much effort and trying to get a handle on things, planning things out and executing them, to end up going live only yesterday. Quite by chance. Exactly a year after my sabbatical began.

Today, is the one year mark to my last working day. The one set me off on this aimless journey. And somehow I’ve found myself at a happy destination. This is where I get off, stop by the side, and smell the roses set up my oven and bake my heart out.

23 thoughts on “365 done. Many more to go.

  1. aprawriter

    Congratulations on everything! I thoroughly enjoy your blogs and they’ve slowly but surely increased by confidence in baking. Good luck!


    1. Thats great to hear! I dont consider myself fit to bean inspiration, by any stretch of imagination. I am a novice, and always learning things, so if that can inspire you, I’m very happy to be sharing the baking love!


  2. Congratulations R!!! What a proud moment! The website is fab..I loved the colours and the scroll…wish you guys can deliver in Mumbai soon :) Next time I am in Goa, am so calling you up hours in advance :)


  3. BS

    :) congrats once again! And now you have me dreaming about the apple Cake. There was ad in the paper that spoke about Top 10 brands and 1st on that list was Apple..and I was thinking apple cake again. :)


    1. Thanks! I must message you about that cake :)
      I get in on Friday evening, it would be best if you can collect it that day or next morning. Will figure out the when/how part on sms.


  4. Congratulations, what a credible feat this is! You might have a clue how inspiring you have been to many others over the last year. My good wishes!

    I am very excited to check your new website, bit the site doesn’t open. It says “Bandwidth Limit exceeded” :(


  5. Sometimes, we need to listen to our inner feelings and take decisions. I’ve been on a sabbatical for six months without planning and it’s been quite a journey to do my own things. Guess! I will take up a job this week if things moves as planned. Congrats and keep believing.


  6. Nisha

    Congratulations Rev! I always saw you as being so different and free spirited right from our school days .. I thought I could never be that and that’s how I consoled myself :) I am proud to say that you’re inspiring me to be “different” now. I am happy that you’ve managed to find a nice cozy spot with your 3 cakes … I like how you kept it super simple with the 3 cakes.

    I hope your business venture brings you a lot of happiness, fulfillment and yumminess. I can’t wait to taste the cakes when I come to India on my next trip :)


  7. IMVI

    I guess the loading issue is still not resolved.. not sure but remember MM kind of facing the same problem sometime back.. maybe you can check with her also ..


  8. Congrats on the website launch, it all looks very yummy. My pick would obviously be chocolate.

    PS: I also found the site took a long time to load, and took a little time to locate the products. It’s aesthetically pleasing, but I had a vesting interest in checking it out fully which other customers might not.


    1. Thanks bride! Im actually amazed it launched at all because we got so many hits over the weekend we have exceeded the bandwidth limit and the site went dead last night.

      The loading time is an issue we are working on. But the menu we hope will be obvious because its one scroll away from the homepage. Maybe i need to link the text there to the menu page.


  9. Meera Parameswaran

    Wish I could double like this! :)

    I have been awe-inspired by your life from day one of reading this blog. And now to see you reach to the beginning of something you wanted all along gives me so much courage!

    Salute to your guts and determination! May you have greater years ahead filled with lot of cake inventions! :)


  10. ash

    Your website takes too long to load Unnecessary graphics .Usability design is not good .See I am here to buy a cake, a layperson perhaps not experienced in online shopping ,maybe I want to know ABOUT you ,there should be an about link .Not, what’s hungry & excited ..just ABOUT US

    What is , been there done that ?It should be titled reviews .In all this jumble of information ..the customer cannot locate what exactly you are selling ..which should be simply titled Menu instead of , its what’s cooking ..

    Its a business website…it should be simple and easy to maneuver for both ends of spectrum both experts and new users .

    The page has 1 product, homemade cakes so keep it simple .


      1. Meera Parameswaran

        Also from yesterday, the site throws an error – “The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later. ” :(


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