Losing myself again

There’s this song I have been ODing on for over a month. Thanks to VC, who is otherwise the most uninterested-and-indifferent-to-music kind of person I know. So to see him shake his head from side to side and groove to a track meant I had to listen hard and see what the big deal was about.

For once, I don’t know what it is. I don’t know what makes this track so damned groovy. It takes me back to the good old Daft Punk days. Maybe its because the track has such a late 90s danceable tune feel to it. It could be the riff. It could be the build up with the come-on-come-on-come-on-come-on, because I’m a sucker for that kind of thing. It could very well be that it is a Daft Punk comeback album and the track has that inexplicable quality that makes you feel like you can listen to it on loop and not know when one cycle ends and another begins. Trust me, I’ve done it. And I’ve gone on for hours before I felt like I needed to turn it off.

The track has a get up and get going, in a smooth and easy way, feel to it. It’s been on loop thanks to the husband and then U who lives downstairs got bitten by the bug too. And then I had it on my phone and in the car wherever I went. And then at some point last month, MinCat visited and the song played in the car ad all 4 of us were silently tripping to the song, and ever since then its just stayed and stayed like one of those sticky things you cannot get enough of.

Of late it’s become my track to listen to on the way to the gym. It gets me in the groove for an hour of butt-kicking endorphin rush. And since I have now started supplementing my zumba with a couple of hours of serious strength training, I need the push. On the days that I have zumba, I’m bounding out of the house and raring to go. On the days I have the weights class, I am dragging my feet. Knowing that I need to go, mediating an inner tussle between my brain and my body — each wanting different things. And the song gets me going.

It makes me push. Go. Lose myself. All over again.



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