Where crazy meets awesome

The last time we had a food link-up around here, it was after a gap of almost three months.

I’ve been busy, scattered and spread thin, but I’ve enjoyed it. It’s been a good kind of crazy, and the good news is things are finally really settling down,” I said.

Maybe I am finally bidding this insane time of transition adieu,” I thought.

The last time, I swore I wouldn’t slip up like I did that last time. Good thing I felt like I was finally getting my mojo back. Things really were on an upswing. And just when I was feeling sorted and like I could breathe easy, the domestic-help saga happened. And now I am back to feeling a bit all over the place, stretched for time and last I checked I was just a couple of notches shy of going completely batty.

When things get crazy around here, I usually resort to the usual suspects.





Staying home


And when all else fails, I cook.

When I last linked up the food blog and told myself I cannot let that hiatus happen again, I knew I’d be back with some more links very soon. I just didn’t know it would be this soon.

In the time that has passed, I got bitten by the bread-bug again. And it was bad.

It made me do lots of naughty things involving flour, yeast, water, salt and sugar. And I’m not ashamed. (click pictures to visit the recipe links)

Herbed cheese
Herbed onion and cheese loaf
Onion salami
Onion and salami loaf
Choc swirl
Chocolate swirled loaf
Banana cinnamon
Banana bread cinnamon rolls

In the midst of all that there were the staples too — veggies, meat and rice.

My take on Bharli Vangi
My take on Bharli Vangi
Sunday afternoon chicken curry
Sunday afternoon chicken curry
Methi, corn and capsicum masala rice
Methi, corn and capsicum masala rice

I’m still cooking. It’s what keeps me sane. Maintains an equilibrium of sorts. And helps match my intention to do what I love with the only thing in my life that I display some level of determination to follow through. And to keep doing that in the empty pockets of time around the rest of my life is hard. To dodge work and bake bread, to squeeze in a quick cooking session before gym is dicey, to lose sleep over baking ideas that demand to be made is somewhat stressful, and taking pictures posting them and writing out blog posts really complicates things.

It’s taxing. But it’s awesome. Trying to do it all is probably what has been equally responsible for making me feel exhausted and complete all at once.

Is that anyone out there that gets this wonderful feeling?


Hi, my name is Revati. I’m a crazy home cook, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


15 thoughts on “Where crazy meets awesome

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  2. These pictures are super tempting.
    When we first got engaged, my husband-to-be made a comment on the lines of “we can decide to be happy or not happy, irrespective of what happens around us”. At that time I wasn’t too ‘happy’ with the statement and took it personally, coz I believed that we need to keep people happy and our family has to keep us happy. But some 9 years down the line I think he was on the right track. Happiness is not caused by the world spinning the way you want but by the way you decide to respond or not respond, and do what adds positivity to your days. To get myself on track I read this little right up on “21 things happy people do” every morning and trust me it really helps me through the tough moments.
    Anyway, the point being, I get the same feel from this post and just wanted to let you know :-)


    1. Im beginning to believe more and more in taking the onus of choosing how happy/unhappy your day/week/month is going to be. Its the only way to get by, I think. I mean there is so little left to be happy about, in the world around us, so we might as well take small steps and do what little we can to make our lives and those around us a little happier :) Even if it means baking bread and cake and sharing it.


    1. I need to find me an ex who can cook from my blog hahahaha.. the hugsband cooks, but is so over-enthu all the simple basic homely food I like is not interesting enough for him..


  3. R

    Duuude! I know you posted the book pic elsewhere (Instagram?) but I only ‘recognised’ it now. I am not that great with remembering plots/ character names/ stories, but this book, I sort of do. It was the summer of 2007 and this used to be the roomie’s copy and both of us read it. This tale is set in Delhi/ Chandigarh and whereabouts, no? Like memories associated with smell, I just realised I have a rush of memories from the time when I was reading this book. Strange! :)


    1. Chandigarh, yes. But Im amazed that that is the detail thats stuck in your head :P It is a racy, totally hot story, and I am really enjoying the writing.. Re-read and see if you still enjoy it as much as you did back then.


      1. R

        Haha. The racy details *are* what stuck in my head more than Cdg and Delhi, but I didn’t want to quote that first :D Yep. I think I should go re-read it.


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