Brain noodles in a list

* These days, just sitting down and finishing a post in the most coherant manner possible is beginning to feel like tackling a woolly mammoth with one arm tied behind my back. While writing that coherent post. So I’m resorting to a the bane of all blogging — “random musings” — the term that always did and continues to make me cringe.

* I’ve disabled the “like” button on my blog, because it was beginning to really get to me. It really warms the cockles of my heart that people like co much of the stuff I blurt out here, but there are some folks who painstakingly like. every. single. post. Within seconds of my hitting the publish button. Seriously?! You like every post? I’ve always enjoyed the odd lurker coming out to leave me a comment, but honestly, I think I prefer the silent lurking than the serial liking. It’s like the convenient option in-between coming out and saying something or slipping away like a lurker. Like texting, instead of calling someone to say something. But you know what? It’s okay to lurk. Sure, I’d love it if you left your mark, gave me something to think about. But it’s also totally cool if you don’t. If you don’t really have anything to say, by all means, read and lurk all you want! So much better than the 0.938 second like-hitting rate that some of us have going here.

* December is well and truly here. After a week that felt like a blast from summer once again, while I was sweating it out everywhere; in the kitchen, at the gym, while driving around, and struggling to fall asleep (we’re still using the AC at nights) I was really beginning to think winter is going to give Goa a miss this year. But this morning, I opened up the balcony doors and felt the nip in the air — that deep chilly wind that hits right into your bones. And it was gorgeous. The sun came out slowly, sort of mercifully toasting the air, and not quite taking it up to that swelteringly high place that we have been in the last few weeks. It’s beginning to feel like warm food weather and I have been having visions of spicy fruit pies oozing golden syrupy goodness in every bite, and creamy soup with fresh focaccia and the like. As it turns out, I usually need just the slightest excuse to do something even mildly out of the ordinary in my kitchen. And sometimes I will go so far as to call this weather winter, to be able to make that happen.

* This morning I also woke up to some happy news of a little media love via ardent H&E supporter and whatsapp entertainer Arundati, who picked my brain about food blogging and what it means to me. Sometimes my mind boggles at these random acts of love. It’s a small mention, but its a big thing for me that of all the gazillion blogs out there, Arundati picked us handful, and cared enough to tell a little bit of our story. It’s come at a good time when my enthusiasm to food-blog is flagging a little. Don’t get me wrong, I still love it and want to do it, but just getting down to it is feeling like such an inordinate effort. There is also the fact that I feel like there’s been a food blog OD happening. I’ve been feeling it for a while. The internet is beginning to look like food bloggers threw up all over it. When you’re not buzzfeeding and distractifying your eyeballs out, you’re most definitely trawling a foodblog, and I feel like it’s certainly lost the charm it used to have. I’ve expressed this to Arundati a couple of times before, this deflation in my enthusiasm, and she has always responded with more than encouraging words that usually get me thinking about where I want to take my food stories next. You can read her article here.

* I’ve also been wondering about why I’ve been having such an incredibly hard time stringing a decent post, food blogging with the gusto I used to, finishing the books I have started, and I think it has a lot to do with just being in a good zone. There are days when I wake up, I just do the bare minimum that is needed to face the day; I get my work done, I cook my healthy meals, I exercise, I drink my 4 litres of water, I watch Bigg Boss and I read a few pages of my book right before bedtime and I call it a day; and just that makes my day feel so full and happy and just right. I think I’ve been so busy making every day count, this past year that I am rediscovering the simple joys of just being. Waking up and pottering about, watering my plants, taking a walk in the neighbourhood, feeding the doggies some bread, getting my Vitamin D dose for the day, changing the sheets, doing that laundry in time, making sure I have salad at every meal. The joy of simplicity is seriously underrated.

* This just might be the calm before the action picks up again for me. Starting Jan, I have my to-dos chalked out. A few plans to actually move H&E to the next level. I have so far done no real marketing or put in any effort to put myself out there. Apart form the blog and very lazy fb page management, I want to do a few small, low-key but fun things to get the word out there. There’s some good stuff brewing in the kitchen and in VCs head, which just needs to find it’s way out. The roadblock is me, as usual, given my current luxurious, languid state of mind.

* Just like that I also realised that we’re three weeks away from the new year. I have to admit, that panic is settled faster than I expected it to. The weekend has been glorious, lazy, fun, perfect. We briefly considered going to the beach, but quickly chose to stay in and cook instead. A couple of weekends ago we actually did venture out, with plans to stay out, but three hours in, threw our bags back into the car and drove home. Home is where the heart is. It’s where the life is. It’s where the love is. We’ve finally turned into that kind of couple that chooses quite happily to stay in, all weekend, even when plans beckon and lure us outside.

* With all that calm and quiet and down-tempo life I’ve been having, the plans have been abuzz. I cannot wait. I’ve become that enthu cutlet that is excited about Monday morning, on a Sunday evening. One half of me says the right thing to do would be to hang on to the panic a little while longer and be all ohmaaiiigawwdyougaaiiizzzz I’m not ready for 2014. I’m not ready to turn 30. I’m not ready to end this year. But you know what? I’m listening to the other half. Yes, it’s December. Yes, in a few weeks it will be a new year and new beginnings and all that jazz. It’s kind of awesome and scary all at once. But time flies when you’re having fun so you might as well just go with it for as long as you can.

* I think I’m done. I’ll stop now. Thank you for listening.

21 thoughts on “Brain noodles in a list

  1. I find a ‘Like’ within a few seconds much less irritating than a comment that’s meaningless. In fact, I wonder if some people make it a point to comment regularly on some blogs mainly (only?) because those blogs have ‘Commentluv’.

    I normally ‘Like’ a post without commenting if I’ve liked the post, but do not have anything meaningful to say. I hope others do the same. I don’t get hassled by compulsive ‘Like’s, but that’s probably because I don’t get too many of them!


    1. I find a like within a few seconds as bad as trolling. Because im almost 100% sure the post is not read. I can totally understand hitting like if you like what you read and still dont have anything to say, i do it sometimes. But my peeve is specifically the likes tht come my way in a few seconds. Those make me cringe.

      And youre totally right abt the commentluv. There are some totally average but popular blogs that get 100+ comments for every other post and i sometimes wonder whatsgoingggonnn?!


  2. For all the love I have for you, I am just a ‘whatsapp entertainer’? :`( I’m striking you off my love list for now! and god! I cannot wait for this damned year to end… it has been like an ugly painful boil on the err backside… oh wait! I said that for last year too!


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  5. Ok here’s a little tip from someone who turned 30 before you.. 30 makes you realise you are not going to be young forever.. so you actually make a bigger attempt to live life more fully and its even better than your 20s because you know yourself a little bit better!! So welcome your just gets better!!


    1. That is so encouraging :) Im not all het up about turning 30, actually. I’m quite looking forward to it. I feel like the next decade will be different from the one that just passed. My 20s were eventful, but as I am approaching that next birthday, I feel like I am zeroing in on those few important things I want to do and that is going to keep me busy and my life eventful in a totally different way. I dont know if this makes sense :)


  6. Like! Okay, just kidding. I want to turn off “like” too. I guess the small benefit is that it signifies who read it…but one can see that someone read it from the page views or whatever.

    I do feel that there is too much food recording available on the Internet, though the insight I got from that is that I’m just not that passionate about food. I stopped subscribing to food posts on Pinterest. Food seems to be the new travel, where before people kept obsessively talking about travel and now it’s food. But if you’re interested in it why not? Those who aren’t can close their eyes. I guess it’s hard to monetise if that’s what one is after…one is forced to differentiate and all that.

    I’m pretty excited for 2014, because 2013 was only marginally better than 2012, but I want certain 2013 things to be resolved first.


    1. Im pretty certain that a like is actually no proof that a post has been read haha, but that could just be the case with my observations and hypothesis, around here.

      I think food blogging/recording is the new DSLR. There was a time about 5 years ago when that suddenly boomed. I remember picking up my fathers camera and joining a photography class because I wanted to learn something new and do something different on weekends. And in about a year from then, everybody was doing it. Every second person had a DSLR, no matter that most times it would be on auto, with the flash on in broad day light. It turned me off of photography for good. Apart from the food blog, I don’t pick my camera up anymore. Not even on holiday or wandering around Goa. I felt like that might have happened with the food blog too, because there is just WAY TOO MUCH FOOD BLOGGING AND WAY TOO MANY FOODIEEESSS around the place today. I am totally not interested in monetising the blog, which is half the issue I think. But I *am* passionate about it, and I know my interest and involvement in food has been too central a part of who I am as a person, for me to just abandon it. However, I might translate it into other things if my interest in web logging food stories goes away entirely..lets see.

      With your PhD possibilities, Im sure the new year has some new things to offer you!


    1. I prefer comments too. And im okay wih fewer comments and the one odd like here and there because i do it sometimes too. When i cant always put what i want to say in a comment but want to appreciate a post. But im not kidding theres a few people who hit like on every single post! And i find that a bit mindless.


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