Fragments of time

At some point this last year, I stopped watching the numbers, the statistics, the followers, and the comments (except when I was ragging R about being overtaken in the comment count!). Not because I suddenly chanced upon the Zen qualities of going beyond quantity, focusing on quality and all that jazz. I wish that were the case, because then I might have been able to pass myself off as one of those super-smart bloggers who only bangs out a post once every 3 months. And that one post has the power to keep readers reeling for weeks on end, and on tenterhooks waiting for the next. But that, as you already know, is far from the truth. Because I made excuses like this, written lazy posts and also even wrote a dismal five posts one month (go on, click through to see how low I have fallen).

I got terribly irregular in the second half of the year because well, life happened. I see now, that I wrote a measly 43 posts between July and December, whereas every month before that had nothing less than 15 posts a month.

Over happy-first-morning-of-2014 hugs today, I told VC its been a remarkably happy and full year for us, packed with all kinds of fragments of time, piled terribly close. Just sifting backwards through my own blog today, something I very rarely do, I realised just how close. 2013 was so action-packed, this blog is testimony to it. But 2013 was also the year I turned into a bigger slacker-blogger than I ever, and this blog is testimony to it. The point of this longwinded explanation is that when I saw the report this morning, I swear my eyes popped a little. As they tend to every year, so I should be less amazed by it, and yet, here I am. Amazed. Again.

As if my sense of overwhelmed-ness with the way this year has zipped by wasn’t enough, WordPress did that thing it does every year, and sent me this annual report thingie, which by the way never ceases to amaze me.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 90,000 times in 2013. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 4 days for that many people to see it.

Visits to slacker-ville, bouts of writer’s block and numerous cases of life getting in the way aside… … over 90,000 views this past year, yougaaiiiz!

2013 was the year with the day with the highest number of hits ever, I wrote the post with the highest number of views ever, with the day I crossed 100,000 all-time views. And the year I became the Indiblogger Personal Blogger of the Year. From 22,000 views in 2011, to 58,000 in 2012, to this new milestone, you continue to amaze me.

I love you, you know that right?

I’m leaving you with this song I’ve had on loop all morning, because it reflects what I’ve been feeling since a little past midnight last night.

Driving this road down to paradise
Letting the sun light into my eyes
Our only plan is to improvise
And it’s crystal clear
That I don’t ever want it to end
If I had my way I would never leave
Keep building these random memories
Turning our days into melodies
But since I can’t stay

I’ll just keep playing back
These fragments of time
Everywhere I go
These moments will shine..

What the blog doesn’t capture, in the last 6 months is the many moments that I wanted to just push pause, step off the train and type out a post so I could record something before I hop back onto into motion again. The only solace is I kept writing. Almost every day, I wrote even when I didn’t post. Sometimes I felt stifled and breathless, as much as I felt exhilarated and on a high — all at once. I told VC this morning that I want to try and make 2014 about doing still fewer things, and doing them better. Because if all of life is a collection of fragments of time, and writing about it helps me makes sense of it all in retrospect, keeps me happy and brings me closer to people out there, then I want to do more of it. I want to do it well. And some years down, I want to have something concrete to show for it.

It’s nice to have a pleasant little surprise package like this, when you’ve stopped watching and crunching the numbers. Because suddenly it hits you, that your life is so much more than just fragments of time. It’s filled with moments, words, people, connections and most of all, so many memories.

I’m so glad you could be a part of so many of mine.

Click here if you’d like to see the complete report.

10 thoughts on “Fragments of time

  1. hi my dear new friend. i read your post and enjoyed. i’m iranian so i’m not good in english.but i’ll try! your emotional sentences make me enthusiastic.thank u. and hope u a year full of happiness… full of beauty and relaxation…


  2. Revathi! Wow! It’s a huge achievement and thank you for making our lives colorful. Well, we all slack and it happens to the best of the best. Great going and what an awesome post on the first day of the year. Happy blogging.


  3. We love you too :) And there’s the obsession with food , so.. :D

    But seriously speaking, had you posted something for the sake of posting your blog wouldn’t have the pull and people wouldn’t keep coming back.

    This post reminds me of Jerry Maguire’s epiphany (which he has in the early part of the movie).

    Do we get to see an annual report for H&E too?


    1. You know, wp has sent me the link to the report for H&E but it doesnt work. I suspect its because I shifted servers somewhere in between. Also even if it did work it wouldnt be an accurate report because the report only works for blogs and I moved mine half way thru the year. Hummm.


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