If endorphins could speak

Have you every felt like you could fly? Like every cell in your body is suddenly buoyant with life, and every pore has opened itself out to suck in mouthfuls of air. To lift yourself up, levitate, take off.

Have you ever felt like you could leap so high, your feet feel like sponges and like there is nothing beneath them? Have you ever felt so light and free, you felt no trappings, no strings attached, and like there is you and the rest of the world. And nothing in between. Nada.

Have you ever wanted to curl yourself into a little seed, to harness every little drop of momentum. So that when you unfurl yourself with a flourish so vibrant, it pushes you off the ground. Makes you take off, and defy gravity.

Have you ever, in a single moment, felt like you could touch the sky and return in a split second? Have you ever tasted a mouthful of euphoria, grabbed big gulps of it, till it fills you up and makes you float just inches above the earth. Like the ground beneath your feet suddenly crumbles silently.

Have you ever felt like you could do all that and more? And still be so perfectly grounded. Limited. Human. Tethered by the flesh, your body, all its appendages, every micro cell, fragile organ and everything that binds it into one working machine? Have you ever felt wonder, respect and adoration for your body? For allowing you to leap, even without springs. Float, even without a buoy. To fly, even without wings.


3 thoughts on “If endorphins could speak

  1. mostlymisfit

    Oh yes yes yes!!! Totally and absolutely. I feel like it a lot of times after exercising. I get some kind of high. In my case, it manifests in not very flattering ways though:P I become excited, I jump a lot, each step I take for walking appears like I’m trying to jump, and I also become loud and giggly. :P


    1. Ah yes, good to know there are others like me. VC seriously cannot handle my energy some times.. just having me around troubles him because i am usually bouncing off the walls, talking too fast and generally being a pain, after such days.


      1. mostlymisfit

        Ha ha ha. I can almost visualise the situation. I feel that I suddenly become so energetic that I actually stop hearing what other people are saying and just pretty much float in my own happy bubble.


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