Food blog saga

Those of you who are still around reading, those of you who come back to check, probably know about my food blog. And if you’ve been frequent enough, you probably remember the last food update and you know how everything’s gone quiet. The last post made an appearance over two months ago. If you’re a blogger, you’re probably also familiar with that weird feeling when you want to share a post, but don’t know where to begin. That’s where I have been for a long time.

Well, actually I’m stuck between wanting to share and not knowing where to begin, and wondering if there’s any point in sharing anything at all. Because it’s been so long since that last post, and numerous rounds of apology and resolving to come back with a vengeance later, I’m getting tired of this disappearing act myself. So I can imagine what it’s like for those who return time and again with the hope that there is an update. Even more so for those who take the trouble to write in and check where I have been when I go silent for long periods of time. Those who write asking if all is well. As always, it is those calls of concern that pull me back from limbo, to tell you that things are well with me. As good as they can be, if you don’t consider the insurmountable mountain of technical glitches that have come my way. And this has primarily been the reason for my lethargy on the food blog.

It’s been one thing after another for about six months now. Intermittently, I put on my red SuperWoman chaddies over my blue tights and decide I’m going to do it  — monster-manic routine, lack of high-speed internet and various essential technological accessories, be damned. Sometimes I am on a roll, cooking, shooting and posting recipes with the frequency of every other trigger happy home-cook let loose on the interwebz. But then the husband decided to upgrade the OS on my laptop sometime in December, and with the zest of an OCD cleaning freak, I ended up agreeing to a system wipe. Out with the old, in with the shiny, sparkly, spanking new and all that. Which has been awesome in itself, but it meant data (a lot of yet-to-be-used photographs and unpublished drafts) being shifted on to 2 different hard disks and losing photoshop. That was the last straw. It has been like cutting off my limbs, as far as updating the food blog going goes. Not having the means, kind of means not being able to do deliver.

So while I’m limping back to normalcy, ironing out one tech-glitch at a time I’ve decided that enough is enough. I still don’t have the high speed internet, am still looking for a decent cracked version of Photoshop for Mac (if you have any leads, please point them to me!) and trying to find the lost mojo to overlook all the obstacles and keep at it. But in the meantime this is to say no, the oven has not gone cold; yes, the kitchen is still a busy place. We have been cooking our exciting meals, and documenting some of them too.

What’s cooking you ask? I don’t have any recipe link ups today, unfortunately. But I do have a tiny step in a new direction. It was meant to be a surprise that we were to launch with much aplomb along with a set of H&E newsletters that we’ve been working on. But the glitches on that is the stuff of a whole other blog post, and in the interest of overcoming hurdles and following through, and also because I realised it’s February already, and way too much time has passed since we began working on these, I’m back. With the red chaddies, over blue tights. With this.

What started off as a fun thing to do when J was staying with us in October, turned into a mild obsession over a few days, until it was done. And eventually led to the idea of doing more videos like this. Videos about sharing the making, just as it is in our kitchen. No fuss, no nonsense. Sometimes no recipe either.

In January I think, we made the second video. Completely on a whim. It resulted in us burning our battery adaptor out, from repeatedly trying to capture a Full HD video — yet another glitch that rendered me camera-less for a month and kept me from shooting anything new. And therefore from posting anything new. You see where this all ties in? This is what caused it all.

So anyway, here we are. No major unveiling. No aplomb. I hope you enjoy the videos, and I hope more than anything else that this is the beginning of a lot more to come. Our vimeo channel is where you can find them all, in one place.

In our next video foodeo, there will be cake. Keep your eyeballs locked for that one and in the mean time, thank you for watching these. I’d love to hear what you think!


20 thoughts on “Food blog saga

  1. mostlymisfit

    Hey there again! Saw the bread video again. Question…I saw that you kept the tray in the top shelf. I have the same oven. What settings do you use? Only bottom heat on? or fan?

    I am trying different settings. Middle shelf doesnt work for me coz i keep both the top and bottom heat on and the top of my bread darkens quicker than i want it. These days I keep it in the bottom shelf and it has been working better. Would like to try your way too.


    1. Okay so basic baking rule is Bottom coil only, when baking. I use ONLY this for all my baking – cakes, bread, biscuits. And turn the top coil only for the last 3-4 mins for top browning when i make bread. So middle rack is what I always use. You could try that and see how it works for you because every oven behaves differently.


      1. mostlymisfit

        Thanks!! That helps. I’ll try turning the top heat only for the last few minutes. That should solve the problem of the top turning brown too soon. :)


  2. Cool cool cool. What is not to love – the food, the awesome video quality, the simplicity, the choice of music, the choice of font, the subtle humour, the beer… you rock. But I bet you knew that already :-)


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