Passing notes

To she-who-cannot-be-named-on-the-blog (yet),

Please know that when you say overLOOK, it actually means the opposite of overSEE, which is the word you were looking for. Because its hard to be as happy as you made the edits seem, when someone was “overlooking all the details so you could have a good time.”

Could it also be that you, much like all of us, don’t know have the rules of the apostrophe down pat? Maybe you too have to say the little rhyme in tour head every time you encounter an apostrophe. And maybe you too are often still confused. I give you the benefit if doubt most times. But it’s hard to overlook (see what I did there?) it when you’re counting “6 different cafe’s”

You put in a tremendous amount of effort to develop a list of words we can no longer use. I appreciate the help. It really makes my life very easy, when I have to go through a three page document to cross-check every document for any sneaky banned words that might have slipped in there. It makes my life so much easier when the list is rife with sarcastic and condescending (not to mention unnecessary and sometimes also politically incorrect) explanations about why a word is not acceptable, rather than just list them so I can rhn through them quickly. It doesn’t at all seem like you drew up the list on a whim because you’re bored of seeing us use simple, direct and understandable language. I suppose its easier to call something verdant than just say its green.

Also, I wonder when you will realise that not every question is a personal attack aimed at you. That some times I’m really just asking a question. Because I’m not afraid to let you know that there are some things I don’t know that maybe you have the answers for. But I guess that’s easier to do when you genuinely believe there’s always something new to learn and always another (some times, better) way to say the same thing.

Of course these are just some minor quibbles of recent times. They are but a few things to laugh about. Many months from now, if I feel a tinge of regret at my decision, let these be tiny reminders of why I did today, what I should have done a long time ago.

With a sigh of relief and much needed liberation,


8 thoughts on “Passing notes

  1. Hahahaha i can so totally empathise. The incidents in this post are probably 1/10th the number of things I have experienced with this person. Bring a consultant/freelancer the issue of seniority isnt as big but it really irks me that people in the same field as me, writers in senior positions of publications have such abysmal skills.


    1. mostlymisfit

      I agree. It’s unacceptable. And more so when these people behave like they created the dictionaries and standard style guides. Over confidence of such kind never fails to baffle me. Even if I am pretty sure about something, I still make it a point to consult dictionaries before pointing out anything to people, and I still sound apologetic.


      1. Confidence is an understatement.. There was this other time, I think I even blogged about it, when the person in the post argued with me about active voice and passive voice, when she actually meant first person and second person.. *facepalm*


        1. mostlymisfit

          ha ha ha. You are torn between arguing for the right thing and letting go because arguing with idiots doesn’t take you anywhere, isn’t it?


  2. mostlymisfit

    Ha ha ha. Sorry, I don’t mean to disregard the angst and exasperation you must be feeling. But this just reminded me of an incident where I was fuming because a person in a more senior position than me had the nerve to reply-all to a mail I had sent with a document. I had said something to the effect of, “To ensure that the process is foolproof, let’s add blah blah blah”. I got an instant reply, “Did you mean ‘fullproof’? I can understand that you are annoyed with the person”. And I was like……emmmmmmmmm; NO!

    The lady ACTUALLY thought I had invented the word foolproof to target the person who had recently pissed me off. And I regret being too nice to just reply to her and not all and explain what foolproof means. Sigh!


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